Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fragment - Allegory 7"

Fragment was a short-lived mid-to-late 90s band from South Carolina and played metallic new school hardcore with throaty vocals, reminiscent of bands like Andromeda, Fortydaysrain and such. Unfortunately there's little information on them to be found with the 7" and I can't find a reference to them online either. Which is a damn shame cuz this band was pretty good. This 7" was released on a SC label called Deedlit Records, which also does not bring up any info online. I believe Fragment's drummer was also drumming for Codeseven at some point tho? Oh, and this is not the Fragment from MA who were around at roughly the same time. AJ did an excellent post on them a while ago over at Path To Misery. Anyways, if anybody has any information on Fragment from SC, such as what else they did, what the band-members did before/after Fragment, etc, please leave a comment!

Fragment - Allegory 7"


Anonymous said...

there are no words to describe the lyrics this guy wrote,
one of the best bands I've ever heard,
I didn't know they existed,

Thank you for that post,

Tried to find more info for them but no joy

matt said...

whoa. blast from the past! this is matt, the drummer from Fragment. there's not much info on us, but i'll provide a few bits below.

we recorded a demo prior to this, and if interested, i'm more than happy to provide a download for you to post here. i haven't listened to either of these recordings in over ten years, and i'm scared to hear it now (still downloaded it, though). ha!

Deedlit Records was just one guy named Brad, and i'm sure he's got tons of these sitting around still. i have no idea how to get in touch with him, though, but some of these were done on blue vinyl. i also have never had any idea what the hell the word Deedlit means.

we eventually added a second guitar player to the group, and when he quit, we added another (the last guitar player we added was killed in an auto accident in late 1999/early 2000-ish). by that time, though, we'd gotten all we could get out of this stuff and it all ended with the main guitar player walking out of practice, my following him out the door, and his asking me if i wanted to start another band. with that, we washed our hands of Fragment.

he and i eventually went on to form a band called Amputee. they were sort of already in progress, but were playing with a different drummer and hadn't really gotten moving enough to be a band. they kicked that guy out, and we recorded a demo. HeartAttack gave it a pretty bad review (thanks Mike Phyte!), citing it as banal noise core or something like that, which wasn't surprising considering the source of the review (to be fair, we weren't amazing, but we were much more competent than Fragment). we were later approached to record a seven inch that was to come out on Bloodlink Records. the guy even sent us 200.00 to use towards recording fees, and that marked the first and last time any band i've ever been in was given money to use for recording purposes. the seven inch was recorded (the songs are somewhat decent, the recording is shit), but due to IRS issues related to the label's owner (not sure what the specifics were), the seven inch never came out and i believe that Bloodlink eventually withered away and died. we were much less active as far as shows were concerned, and we ended up being focused on practicing more than playing shows. we used to practice right next to a Burger King, right outside of Columbia, heading towards Sumter. at times, there would be huge parking lot fights at the Burger King, so we weren't the only game in town.

in the end, Amputee recored two songs in April 1999, and i took off almost immediately to new orleans because i thought i was in love.

if interested, and a little patient, i can get the Fragment demo, Amputee Demo/seven inch/final recordings all uploaded to a dropbox link for you to post, but i wouldn't be offended if you weren't interested. haha.

thanks for the kind words. i had a lot of fun with this band, even though i had no idea what the hell i was doing at the time. notable shows for me were opening for Converge on their Halo and A Haystack tour, and getting to play a handful of shows with Channel.

P.S. - i was not a drummer in Code Seven.

matt said...

oh, and our singer was playing bass for In/Humanity around the time he was screamin' for us. he's on The Nutty Antichrist and a few other recordings, i believe. as far as i know, no one from this band is active with music anymore.

i eventually met up with the bass player from Amputee in Austin, TX in 2006, and we eventually formed LABS. you can find our free demo here:

i'm done now. sorry for the TL;DR.

XemonerdX said...

Hey Matt... Thank you so much for your comments and the info, always awesome to get information from the source, heh. I would love to hear that demo and the Amputee recordings, so yeah if you could please upload it, that would be great! Thank you!