Sunday, September 16, 2012

Provisional - It Was Always About Feeling Alive 7"

Here's a 7" from my collection by a band called Provisional, which I got many years ago, at a random distro at a random show, heh. It is a fairly obscure 7", but some of the members of Provisional have gone on to make a bit of a name for themselves within hardcore circles. Provisional was a melodic hardcore band from Michigan in the first half of the 90s. This 7", apart from any demo's their only release that I know of, was released in 1993 on Absolute Music, which was a label run by Provisional's bass-player. They played a nice mix of melodic hardcore and a harder mid-tempo semi-metallic hardcore, which reminds me of bands like Endpoint and especially Empathy at times. The comparison to Empathy is not made without reason, as guitar player Jay Palumbo would later play in Empathy, as well as other bands such as Elliott and By The Grace Of God. Also, Provisional's singer was none other than Mike Warden of Conquer The World Records fame. I also blogged about a later project of his called Manetheren not too long ago. Bass-player Ron Jasin would later play in The Aasee Lake (with Duncan Barlow of Endpoint, By The Grace Of God, ...). Enjoy!

Provisional - It Was Always About Feeling Alive 7"


captaindiabetes said...

i most certainly thought i was the only dude on the planet with this 7". AND I'M NOT EVEN FROM MICHIGAN.

XemonerdX said...

Hahaha, I'm not even from the US of A!

Johny Walker said...

These come off a demo tape with a few more songs. I have it, but have no tape player to rip it.