Sunday, March 11, 2012

Strike 3 - 'Side By Side' demo

Another demo I got from Jim Moo Cow. Strike 3 was a hardcore band from New Hampshire in the mid 90s. Here's their 'Side By Side' demo from 1996. This is seriously heavy mid-tempo hardcore, with deep vocals. While this band is pretty unknown and I don't think they did much in the way of touring or recording, singer Caleb Scofield would eventually move on to play bass in a more well-known band called Cave In. Anyways, Strike 3 sounds nothing like Cave In. But this is a pretty solid demo, esp if you like heavy bands such as Unconquered, so definitely give it a shot. I have no idea if Strike 3 did any other recordings or what the other members did after Strike 3. So if anybody has any additional info, please leave a comment!

Strike 3 - 'Side By Side' demo

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xbelvederskiyx said...

post please more demos that you get from Jim