Sunday, December 4, 2011

Denile - We Have Not Begun! demo

Thanxxx to a reader of this blog, I was able to acquire this Denile demo in late 2009. To say I was stoked when I received it, is an understatement. I love this band, and this demo only strengthened it. Denile from PA were around for quite some time (1993-2001) but didn't manage to put out a lot of records, which is a damn shame. The first time I heard them was when I got their great split 7" with Dysphoria from 1997. Both Dysphoria and Denile are amazing on it. I posted that split 7" here. This is their 1996 demo tho, which was their 3rd release, called 'We Have Not Begun!'. At this point the band still had only 1 guitarist and at times you can hear the band play more traditional hardcore (most apparent in 'Alone'). But it's a solid, great demo with plenty of heavy, metallic riffs and singer Mark's recognizable vocals. I cannot recommend this underrated band enough, so please check out this band if you haven't yet. Here is an old website which was done by Denile's drummer Tony Fucci that has various Denile mp3's including some tracks from their unreleased full-length from 2000. Edit: The Denile site is now offline for whatever reason. Damn shame! So that also means the mp3's are unavailable, including those from the unreleased album. I have a zip of that unreleased album tho, which was called 'Where Heaven And Hell Meet', altho I can't remember how I got it. But I have uploaded it again now and added it to this post, also cuz of What76's comment. It does not have track-titles unfortunately, and I don't know them either. But enjoy!

Denile - We Have Not Begun! demo
Denile - Where Heaven And Hell Meet unreleased CD
Denile myspace


What76 said...


I have that Autumn : Season of dying cd, do they have another unreleased cd? you're right about Denile, they're great !

XemonerdX said...

Yeah, I have that 'Autumn: Season Of Dying' CD as well. And yep, there's an unreleased CD out there, called 'Where Heaven And Hell Meet', I have a 15-song zip of it. Can't remember where I got it from tho.

It seems the old Denile site is now gone :( Google still shows it in its search results tho, and it still worked a few weeks ago...

I'll upload the unreleased CD and add it to this post.

what76 said...

That's awesome thanks a lot !!!