Sunday, December 18, 2011


Here are the only releases, apart from demo's, that I know of by Bipolar from Ohio. These 2 7"s were both released on Rubbercity Records in 1996. In fact, they were both recorded during the same recording session and they're the first 2 releases on Rubbercity Records. Bipolar played great 90s mid-tempo metallic hardcore with a mix of spoken and shouted vocals and lyrics dealing with subjects such as rape, human rights and animal rights as well as more personal topics... Seriously good stuff, which is right up my alley. I don't even mind the muffled and bass-heavy production, it reminds me of bands such as Chokehold and such. So if you like bands such as Chokehold or Groundwork, definitely check out this band. It's not as amazing as them, but Bipolar was still an obscure and underrated band by any means. The band was at least partially sXe and vegetarian/vegan, but I don't think they were a full-on veggie sXe band.

Both Bipolar 7"s have a weird ending on side A, which I've left as-is. It's actually part of the 7", and not the needle of my record player going all weird, heh, tho I'm not sure how intentional it was or what the idea behind it was. Anyways, one of the members would eventually make a name for himself in the trance/industrial scene under the name HeldByWill. I don't know much else about Bipolar, and searching around online for them doesn't return much either. But don't let that stop you, as I said above, this is really good stuff. Give it a chance! Also, Rubbercity Records was a record label done by Clint from Don Austin, and which focused mostly on releasing records by bands from Ohio. Splinter and Don Austin were other bands who did a 7" on Rubbercity.

Bipolar - Blankets Of Deceit 7"
Bipolar - Awry 7"


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