Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hope (Delusion) 7"

Here's a band I knew about for a number of years but didn't own any material of until recently. Hope (Delusion) from New Jersey started out as Unanswered in 1994 and recorded several 7"s under that name. They changed their name to Hope (Delusion) in 1997, after a couple of line-up changes and maybe they also felt their sound had also changed too much, tho the little I know of Unanswered isn't a radically different style. Anyways, using their new name name they recorded this self-titled 7" which was released on Track Star Records in 1998. The band folded shortly afterwards. If yer into bands such as Bloodlet, Rorschach and such, chances are you will enjoy this band as well. A good and solid 7", it's a shame this band didn't release more stuff. Enjoy!

Hope (Delusion) 7"

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thuglifebaldwin said...

i had the unanswered/entropy split....still have it somewhere..........both bands ruled