Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Unveil - Hypnopaedia MCD

Unveil from Switzerland is a political vegan sXe hardcore band made up of youngsters who love their '90s hardcore. Along with bands such as Anchor from Sweden, this band is part of the current wave of European vegan sXe bands. After a 2009 demo, the 'Destruction Wherever I Go' 7" and a split MCD with Deadverse (with the same songs as the 7"), they released their new 7" entitled 'Hypnopaedia' a couple of months ago on Take It Back Records and Start A Fire Records. They recently sent me the CD version to review. The CD version doesn't offer any additional songs compared to the 7", making it a short, but sweet, listen at under 10 minutes.

If you've heard any of the previous Unveil records, you will know what this CD sounds like. But if not: mid-tempo metallic hardcore with lots of chugga chugga, crunchy guitars, harsh throaty vocals and a couple of sweet up-tempo parts (the transition to the up-tempo part in 'Pressure' is especially great). I love this style of hardcore and Unveil do it really well. Unveil has also progressed from their older stuff tho, the songs are more varied while still being cohesive and they have a bit more of a 'punch', which is also due to the dry and clear but powerful production. Lyrically, they're not breaking new grounds and there's definitely room for improvement here, but they're decent and to-the-point, and deal with subjects such as national pride, the selfishness of mankind and sticking to your beliefs.

All in all, this is a sweet MCD. Unveil is still a very young band and I hope they keep progressing. I also hope to see them perform again, I saw them once and they were great, and the singer turned out to be a nice guy as well, what more could you ask for? Support this band.

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