Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You, Who Are Innocent... compilation 7"

As requested in the comments section on my previous Tho Ko Losi post, here's the 'You, Who Are Innocent, What Have You Done Worthy Of Death?' compilation 7". Released in 1998 on Catchphraze Records, it's 'a benefit 7 inch for Vegan Outreach & Farm Sanctuary' as explained on the cover. There are 5 bands on here, Upset from Germany (metallic hardcore), Morning Again from Florida (metallic hardcore), Detestation from Oregon (crust/d-beat), the aforementioned Tho Ko Losi from Arizona (grindcore) and Capitali$t Casualties from California (power violence). An awesome benefit compilation with a thick & informative booklet. I coincidentally went vegan the same year this compilation was released in, and I still am. Go vegan!

You, Who Are Innocent, What Have You Done Worthy Of Death? compilation 7"


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot !!!!


Chris said...

Thanks! V4L!