Friday, March 5, 2010

Shinkasta MCD (New Zealand)

Shinkasta from New Zealand, not to be confused with the shitty Canadian altrock band Shikasta. This band actually ruled. If I remember correctly I received this MCD from one of the members of Shinkasta whom I met on IRC 'back in the day', even wrote a review of it for some webzine I contributed to back then. Haven't seen them mentioned a whole lot since and it's quite a shame, this is a pretty solid record that should appeal to quite some people who visit this blog. Released in 1996 on Barricade Records, also out of New Zealand, this MCD has 5 songs recorded in a studio on it plus 2 live-recordings added to the 5th track. The live-recordings don't really add too much here tho. Either way, good and relatively obscure band and record (esp outside of New Zealand). If yer into heavy mid-tempo & metallic hardcore like Strain, you'll enjoy this. So check it out.

Here's a short bio that my man Ca$hdog in New Zealand wrote up on Shinkasta:

Shinkasta formed in Hamilton, New Zealand in 1992/93 and although they only released this one singular release for those who saw them live they left quite a legacy. Since they stopped playing in 1996 the members have been in various other heavy bands. The singer Bennett went onto sing for Daredevil, the guitarist Stu played guitar for State of Grace, The bass player Mark played bass in Vargas, The Redshift and joined Evil Priest, the drummer Andrew played drums for Vargas.
Shinkasta MCD


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