Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Neglect - En Public live 7"

If you're into lyrics that deal with self-loathing, anger, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of killing people, hatred towards humanity, and so on, you should already be familiar with Neglect. Great metallic NYHC with raw shouted vocals, also known as 'hatecore'. The two main persons in the band were singer Brian and guitarist Derek, unfortunately their fights ultimately led to this bands' demise. But Neglect recorded some great records in their 4-year existence. Their 'Don Fury Sessions' CD is still available and combines a couple of recording sessions on one CD. While it isn't as complete as the out-of-print 'Four Years Of Hate' 2xCD (which you can download here), it blows 99% of what's out there out of the water.

This live 7" was recorded on their late 1994/early 1995 European tour, on Friday January 13 1995 to be exact, and was released by Diabolik Records in 1996, in a single pressing of 1000 copies. It isn't included on the abovementioned 'Four Years Of Hate' 2xCD btw. It's a decent recording, altho the sound on 'Deluxe' is insane (especially the drums), not sure what was going on there... Unfortunately there's no insert with this 7" with lyrics or something, to me they were always an integral part of Neglect's appeal. Anyways, it's Neglect, so it's awesome by default. I did scan in the flyers that came with the 7", including the flyer for this show, where Stormcore and Kickback supported Neglect. Quite the line-up, must've been one hell of a show!

The Neglect myspace has plenty of info on Neglect and their current bands and all, so check that out if you want more info. Related to this post, a while ago I posted a demo of one of Derek's later bands, Cleanser. Anyways, Neglect was a one of a kind band, I urge you to check them out if you haven't done so yet. Dig it!

Neglect - En Public 7"
Neglect myspace

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Philly Dust Krew compilation

Someone requested this comp a while ago, so here it finally is. Released on Too Damn Hype in 1994, the same label who released the amazing East Coast Assault compilation I posted months ago, this one features 4 bands. I guess that makes it a 4-way split rather than a comp, but whatever. They don't make em like these comps anymore, seriously.

The first band, Dare To Defy, is the least band on here, which is more because of the other 3 bands than anything else. Their drummer, Met, did Too Damn Hype however, so that's how they ended up on here I guess. As said, they were a pretty good band, and I really dig their YDI cover on here, 'Get Out', but compared to the 3 heavyweights on here (and the other bands on East Coast Assault, where they contributed the opening track), they fall a tad bit short.
The next band is Starkweather, who at this point still had a slightly more straight forward metal approach as far as that is possible for this band, albeit with their typical eerie mood and Rennie's sick vocals and amazing lyrics. It's Starkweather tho, these 3 songs rule, end of story, one of the best and most unique bands out there, still. Featured here are the 2 songs from their 1993 7" plus 'Mainline' from a 'Food Not Bombs' compilation. 'My will bends for I, steeped in darkness, am a shadow's reflection'. Fuck...
Next up is All Out War. All of these tracks are also available in one form or another on other releases of theirs, such as their 'Destined To Burn' 7" which I posted here, altho they are from different recording sessions I believe. Either way, you can't go wrong with All Out War. Awesome stuff.
The last band is Hard Response, who I believe never got the recognition they deserved. These songs here sound like a mix between Leeway, VOD and Killing Time. Good stuff, some of these songs would later be re-recorded for their, highly recommended, full-length 'Single Bullet Theory'. They've been back together for a few years now and have since released a superb CD called 'Hostile Environment', which is a bit more straight-forward than this stuff, but still quality stuff. Underrated band.

Various - Philly Dust Krew
Starkweather myspace
All Out War myspace
Hard Response website