Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zero Hour 7"

As mentioned in the 'About me' section of this blog, I like and listen to a variety of hardcore. This doesn't mean I like all genres equally, but I'll give everything a chance and sometimes I come across a band that's quite different from what I usually listen to yet still like. Zero Hour, a short-lived female-fronted anarcho hardcore/punk band from the Bay Area, is one such band. This 7" was released in 1994, I got it a couple of years later at a random show for whatever reason, probably cuz I had some money to spare, and never regretted it. These 4 songs are awesome! From the distinct guitar-lines which are way more developed and intricate than yer average anarcho hardcore/punk band to the amazing, raging, emotion-filled vocals, this is great stuff. Lyrically it deals with conformity vs. individuality, patriotism and such, pretty typical themes for this style but done well nonetheless. Their drummer also drummed for Econochrist.

After this 7", the band did a split 12" with Apeface, a band I've never heard (of). I do have mp3's of the Zero Hour songs from the split and they're pretty good but they don't compare to the 7". The singer, oddly enough called Whisper, did another short-lived band called Children Of Barren Wasteland, and as mentioned already, the drummer also did time in Econochrist. I have no idea what the other members did musically. Because the sleeve folds out to 6 times its folded size (in a 3x2 configuration), I decided to not scan in the back-side, which is one large image, and scan in parts of the other side separately.

Zero Hour 7"

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Aa said...

I saw Apeface a lot in junior high. At the time I thought they were one of the most brutal bands. In hindsight it sounds like the french band Fingerprint, only if they were crusties. I still have that split.