Saturday, January 7, 2017

Manifold - When Silence Erases My Name 7"

Manifold was a new school hardcore band from the Lazio region in central Italy during the second half of the 90s. Their 'When Silence Erases My Name' 7" was released on Rebound Action in 1997, a label run by their drummer Andrea 'Capò' Corsetti who still runs the label and also still drums, in a brutal grind/hardcore band called Neid...

Anyways, Manifold was a (partly?) vegan sXe band with lyrics about those subjects, and played a heavy style somewhere between more early/mid 90s new school sounding and the more metallic sound of Italian edgemetal bands like Reprisal and Purification. But rougher and less polished, both in execution and production. Good stuff tho, it's a shame they remained fairly obscure, especially outside of Italy... They also did a split 7", but I don't have it unfortunately. Members also played in bands like Muddle and Tear Me Down.

Manifold - When Silence Erases My Name 7"

Thursday, December 22, 2016

New blood: Day By Day (Florida, USA)

I guess technically they can't be called 'new blood' as they've been around for a few years already, but fuck it... My blog, my rules...  I caught Day By Day from Florida earlier this year on their European tour, supporting Higher Power from the UK (who btw are seriously great, if yer into all of Leeway's albums you will love them!)... And they rocked, hard. Despite being from Florida, the band has a sound that has a rough, unpolished edge to it and at times brings to mind some of the more groovy NYHC bands of the early 90s, combined with some raspy vocals that gives their sound a bit of an edge. Day By Day just does their own thing, regardless of what is popular or hip, also on stage. I loved their stage presence, very energetic with a down to earth but fun vibe, no tough guy bullshit. Another band that reminded me once again that hardcore ain't about being the most original/crazy/unique/hardest band, it's about being real and doing what you love. Fuck trends. Long live Day By Day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New blood: Surrounded By Sins (France)

When it comes to metallic and dark hardcore, France has a long & rich history. I've written before about my love for A Way Of Life, one of the bands from the infamous KDS crew scene out of Rennes. And of course there's Kickback, the almighty Kickback. Not for the faint of heart, they were d-a-r-k and in many ways were pioneers of not just the French metallic hardcore scene, but Europe's. They have also inspired countless bands, also in France. Including two faves, Cowards (who are not exactly 'new', but please do check them out) and Surrounded By Sins.

Hailing from Le Havre & Rouen, Surrounded By Sins have been playing for a couple of years but are still fairly unknown outside of France. They did an awesome demo back in 2014, and have just released their first record, the 'Hope Is Raped' 12" on Terrain Vague Records... Which features what is probably my fave song of 2016, 'Grain'. I cannot tell you how psyched that song makes me. But the entire 12" is bloody awesome... It's just too damn short with only 5 songs (and an intro)... This 6-man band has 2 singers who both destroy their vocal chords over crazy and vicious metallic hardcore/grind that at times reminds not only of (later) Kickback but also bands like Rise & Fall, Cursed and such... Really impressive stuff. Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch this band live some time. In any case, don't sleep on this band!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Blood: Revolve (Glasgow, UK)

I will be out of the country for most of December, but I don't want to drop the ball on OnexPath. So I have scheduled a few posts on a couple of new(er) bands that have caught my ear this year. December will be New Blood month! First up...

Anybody who's been following the previous New Blood posts knows I love the current wave of UKHC bands. Here's another UK band that really impressed me this year, Revolve from Glasgow... They released their first demo called 'Death Spares No One' in late 2015, and it offers a perfect blend of modern metallic hardcore, with a dash of 90s hardcore and a big splash of early 00s metalcore... At times I'm reminded of bands from the old Tribunal Records roster, like a more straight-forward Nientara. Really good shit, that had me scrambling to get my hands on a copy of their demo and a t-shirt, hah... Yes, I'm well into my 40s and I still wear nothing but hardcore t-shirts. Anyways, Revolve bring the mosh with some creative riffing (without veering into overly technical masturbation territories), just check out 'Second Side' from their 2015 demo. That track is pure OnexPath perfection, awesome riffs, tempo changes and totally worthy of some dancefloor justice. The band released a new track, 'Withered', this past summer and it simply shreds. Hopefully this band sticks around and gets the chance to do a proper record. Check em out...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

One 4 One - In Search Of CD

One 4 One is not exactly a new name for this blog, I've already posted about this NJHC band several times, here, here and here. So check out those posts for more information on One 4 One. Anyways, recently someone DM'd me on Instagram about One 4 One's 'In Search Of' album, asking me if I have it. And I do... So, here's another One 4 One post, hah...

The 'In Search Of' CD was released in 1996 on Rick Ta Life's Back Ta Basics label, and has new songs as well as re-recordings of songs taken from their demo's and the 'I Won't Lose' 7", and an Agnostic Front cover ('Discriminate Me'). Their 'I Won't Lose' 7" was my introduction to the band, and they re-recorded my fave track of that 7", and one of my fave One 4 One songs overall, 'What Went Wrong'. Still love that song. And this band, hah! Anyways, I'll keep it short, if you want to read some more of my thoughts on this band, check out the older posts linked above. Enjoy!

One 4 One - In Search Of CD

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Reserving Dirtnaps - Part II

A few years I did a post on Reserving Dirtnaps, great heavy and tough hardcore from Memphis, TN. Their singer Brandon contacted me recently to inform me about their new EP called 'Part II' which is about to drop. He sent me the new EP to check out, and f*ck me, it's awesome, in fact this might just be the hardest EP of 2016.

This is 100% beatdown, holy sh*t. It's an all out wall of crushing and pummeling hardcore that is about as heavy as anything out there. Where a lot of beatdown bands nowadays seem to focus only on the slow-as-molasses beatdown parts, Reserving Dirtnaps go for the more 'old school' beatdown approach, keeping it hard, heavy and angry from start to finish. This seriously feels like you are being physically pummeled into submission by the music and Brandon's gruff vocals. It's hard, really really hard. Compared to their first EP they have tightened up their sound even more, this EP sounds focused and trimmed of excess. And even when they incorporate some different elements, like the grind/blast guitars in the middle of 'Disposed To Remain', it's there for a reason. A 6 song, 15 minute burst of anger, hate and violence, of Memphis Style Hardcore. If you enjoyed their old EP (which was recently re-released on tape), you will love this new EP. I still stand by my previous comparisons, if you enjoy bands like No Retreat or Lifeless NJ (who I actually just saw again last night, hah) but also bands like Steel Nation, you need to check out Reserving Dirtnaps, you're bound to want to do some spinkicks.

I can't offer you guys a link just yet, but a preview will be posted on in a few days, and I'm sure it will get added to RD's bandcamp later on... Just trust me on this one, it's awesome. Fave track: Total War.

Pre-orders for the 'Part II' CDEP start on Tuesday November 22, the CD and digital release is Friday December 9.

PS, is it me or does the cover remind anyone else of the old Rambo: First Blood Part II poster?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Down Foundation - This Time Is Ours MCD

Down Foundation was a short-lived band from Albany, NY. They were quite popular within the Albany scene, but I don't believe they got a lot of recognition outside of it. They played posi hardcore, something which I don't usually go for, but with a heavier edge, and it works remarkably well. I love this MCD, great stuff that just flows really well and I'm sure their live shows were a ton of fun.

Down Foundation released a demo in early '98 which was followed later that year by a split 7" with Dead Thirteen, and this MCD, which was released on local label Losing Face Records. Down Foundation also appeared on the Losing Face compilation CD which I posted here. After the band folded, members moved on to bands like Endicott and Once And For All (not to be confused with the late 80s band that did a 7" on Nemesis Records).

Down Foundation - This Time Is Ours MCD