Saturday, February 21, 2015

New blood: Outshined

I should do these posts more often, as there are great new bands popping up all the time. Here's another one, Outshined from Richmond, Virginia. They're a young new band playing a crossover hardcore style that feels both contemporary as well as refers to the past. It's a style that's quite popular these days, and for good reason, hah. Bands like Bitter End, Broken Teeth, Take Offense, etc all have a modern sound but have clearly also listened to crossover bands like the Crumbsuckers, Ludichrist and D.R.I..

The same goes for Outshined, but even more so than the aforementioned bands, you can clearly hear their late 80s influences in the way the songs are written and played. And they are good at what they do! They don't stretch out songs needlessly, aside from closing track 'On Your Time' all the tracks are done within 2 and a half minutes. Get in, do your thing, and get out. Awesome! Outshined's singer also uses a vocal style and a flow that reminds of late 80s crossover bands. I will definitely keep this band on my radar!

Outshined has members of other Richmond bands Meth Lab and Barge, which are (were?) more rooted in powerviolence & grindcore, as well as postrockers Springtime. I don't know if Outshined is a sideproject for them or not, but either way, this is one awesome demo! Check it out!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Psycho Civilized compilation CD

The 90s gave us a ton of awesome compilations, some of which I've posted in the past, and I will continue to do so. Next in line: 'Psycho Civilized', which was released by Elevator Music in 1995 and contains a great selection of bands from across the States, altho the focus is on the CT scene. Elevator Music was from New Haven, CT where they were also involved with the Tune Inn club, hosting hardcore shows on a regular basis. They released stuff by hardcore bands like Dissolve, who are also on this comp, and Cleanser, but also punk and ska bands.

In true 90s fashion this comp starts with a spoken words track, in this case by Greg Bennick of Trial. After that the comp has 18 bands on it: Cornerstone, Trial, Vision Of Disorder, Brace, Dissolve, Blood Runs Black, Dismay, Stigmata, Tyrant Trooper, S.F.A., Killing Time, Asphalt, Botch, Jasta 14, Eventide, Shiv, Tapeworm and 25 Ta Life. Most bands should not be unknown to regular readers of OnexPath. Shiv feels a bit out of place with their noisey cover of Gang Of Four's 'Natural's Not In It' (called 'Gangüforé' on here), and Tyrant Trooper is straight up death metal, but the rest of the bands fall anywhere between indie/hardcore (Eventide) to old school (Cornerstone) to NYHC (Killing Time, 25 Ta Life) to more metallic hardcore (most other bands) etc... All in all, a solid comp that's great for playing in the car while driving to/from a show.

If anybody has any info on Brace from CT, please leave a comment. I love their track, but I can't find any info on them. I would love to hear from by them.

Psycho Civilized compilation CD

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Endgame - Seeds Of Consciousness 7"

New Start Records was a hardcore punk label from Winston-Salem, North Carolina in the early 90s. They released some interesting records including the Hardball 'One On One' 7" and some Naked Angels 7"s. One band they also released that is way more obscure is Endgame. Their 'Seeds Of Consciousness' 7" was released in 1992. Decent early 90s mid-tempo hardcore that tries to incorporate more rocking influences, with those typical half-spoken/half-sung vocals from that era. Nothing special, but good enough for my ears.

I wish I could tell you something about this band, but I can't, not even where they're from. Not only is the insert missing from my 7", I can't find any information on this band online either. So if anybody has any information on this band, please leave a comment.

Endgame - Seeds Of Consciousness 7"

Monday, December 29, 2014

Best of 2014

I occasionally write for a punk/hardcore webzine called Some Will Never Know, and every year they do a 'best of...' feature. This year I decided to also post my list on here. You can out the article with 'best of...' lists from SWNK contributors here.

Without further ado, and in no particular order...

Funerals - Human Ruin 7"
If I had to nominate one record for 'record of the year', this would be it. Awesome stuff.
SWNK review - bandcamp

Strange Places - Strange(r) Places 7"
Great mix between stoner/sludge & hardcore, at times very similar to Iron Age.

Renounced - The Melancholy We Ache LP
Emo-metal from the UK, reminiscent of the old Tribunal Records band roster.

Soulground - Paradise 7"
German heavy riffcore, so good. 'I know nobody in heaven, please send me to hell'
New blood feature - bandcamp

Incitement - Hyena 12"
Their 2013 demo already gave a glimpse of what was to come, but with this new one-sided 12" these Polish kids created a Holy Terror masterpiece.
New blood feature - bandcamp

Decadence - In The Mouth Of Hell 10"
Spanish metallic hardcore that is more Arkangel than Arkangel.
New blood feature - bandcamp

Unrestrained - Forward Onto Death LP
This one was always going to be a contender for my top list, Portland's Unrestrained is so up my alley it's not funny anymore. Simply awesome.

Borrowed Time - Captive Soul 7" 
This band makes me wanna grow a beard and wear a wifebeater. So glad they are back, and with a killer EP as well. I want more!

Get The Shot - No Peace In Hell LP
Holy shit, this one hit me out of nowhere! Crushing high-adrenaline hardcore from Quebec. Highly addictive record.

Annulment - Celestial Mother Of The Handless Path demo
From Long Island. This style of hardcore doesn't get played too often anymore, unfortunately.

Breaking Point - Set To Burn LP
Uncompromising heavy straight edge hardcore from the UK. Blows their previous material, which was good too, out of the water. 'I will take this promise to my fucking grave'

Constrict - Carved Into Stone 7"
More Spanish hardcore, more metallic awesomeness.

Darkside NYC - Optimism Is Self-Deception Vol. 1 & 2 CD
Finally! I pre-ordered their self-released CD in January and at some point they sent out an email that they weren't sure it would ever be released... Thankfully it did. Not for the PC or faint at heart.

In Tongues - Entombed By Existence EP
As Overcast once said: more metal than your ma's kettle. And that applies to Glasgow's best too.

So there you have it... The best 15 releases of 2014 according to me, myself and I, at least of those I've heard, haha... I would love to hear what your favorites of the past year are, so leave comments with your lists.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Indifference - s/t 7"

Indifference from Staten Island seems mostly known for being 'that other band' from a split 7" they did with Indecision in 1997. But before that split 7" they did a demo (which I do not have) and a self-titled 7". That 7" was released on Struggle Records & Gus Records in 1996, both also from Staten Island. Soundwise Indifference is not too far removed from Indecision, typical chunky 90s hardcore with shouted vocals. Excellent stuff, definitely give it a chance.

Needless to say, on the Struggle Records flyer that came with my copy, it mentions they only do t-shirts in XL... And then people chuckle when they see pics of 90s shows with kids wearing oversized shirts... That's all there was!

Guitarist Sam Peralta was also the guy behind City Lights Records, who co-released their split 7" with Indecision. In any case, he also played in bands like Big Wheel, Circle K and Murdock. Right now he's an independent filmmaker and with some friends was working on a Staten Island hardcore docu. I don't know if that's still happening tho, but here's the trailer:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Path To Misery (re-)does it again... The Vegan Metalcore Bible is back!

I already posted about this on xSITPx, but it's too good not to re-post here as well. AJ from the ever-amazing Path To Misery posted the Vegan Metalcore Bible back in 2011. It was a hugely popular post, but as with most downloads (and there were A TON in this case), they eventually expired and became a thing of the past. I've had the same thing happen to me, and re-upping a ton of stuff at the same time is crap, especially when you can also post about other bands. So it's no surprise AJ kept up with the blog and posted about other obscure, awesome bands, instead of focusing on the VMB.

But it seems the VMB never really left AJ's mind after all, and he re-upped all the links again, check it out here! From Abnegation to Wrath Of Nature, this is a treasure trove of vsxe awesomeness! And as a bonus, he recorded an Abnegation cover as well, which you can check out here. I love the 18 Visions-esque vocals by AJ, which add a different edge to the cover (and yes, 18V used to be awesome), but musically it's also not a note-for-note copy, it's heavy as fuck. And if you do download it, which I hope you do as it's an awesome cover, all proceeds go to a local animal rights group. So support AJ and support an animal rights group by checking out both links!

Path To Misery's Vegan Metalcore Bible

Saturday, October 18, 2014

New blood: Divers (Malaysia)

A post-hardcore band from Malaysia, how often do you come across that? Admittedly, I am not a post-hardcore expert, but when Divers emailed me, they were the first one for me. And they sound great. Their melodic post-hardcore sound is full of energy and heavier than the average band in style, which is always a good thing to me. But they're also not afraid let go and turn up the heaviness an extra notch in their songs where needed with some good riffs, bringing a band like Cast Iron Hike to mind at times. Singer Faizul has a great screaming voice, hoarse and very throaty at times, and it really conveys the emotional content of his lyrics which deal with subjects like not letting anger control you, personal doubts and fears and not giving up on yourself. When I hear this band, I imagine them being quite intense and awesome in a live environment. Definitely a surprise for me, Divers, and a pleasant one. Give it a shot, you might get surprised too.