Saturday, March 24, 2018

XrigidX - Rebuilding What Was Lost... demo

XrigidX was a straight edge hardcore band from New Jersey that started out as a typical 90s sXe hardcore band. In their lifespan they did several demo's, of which the 'Rebuilding What Was Lost...' demo from 1996 was their last, and the only one I own. It's got 4 songs that were recorded over 2 sessions in 1995 & 1996 with slightly different lineups. Pretty typical metallic mid 90s sXe hardcore, so it's right up my alley. The 2nd song 'Fading Away', from the '96 session, already hints a bit at the change in sound they would go through afterwards. In 1997 they would release their final recording, the 'One Boy's Tragic Story...' 7" on Mindwalk Recordings. By this time the band played a more post-hardcore/emocore like style. They had also dropped the X's surrounding their band name on the 7", so perhaps they were also no longer a sXe band? In any case, that was the last thing the band would do. One of the band members currently plays in an alternative/acoustic band called Rain the Shining, I don't have a clue what the rest of the band members did afterwards. Enjoy!

XrigidX - Rebuilding What Was Lost... demo


Anonymous said...

I need Re-up!

XrigidX - New Jersey Straight Edge 90's
demo 94
demo climbing 95
demo rebuilding what was lost 96
7" one boy's tragic story 97

XemonerdX said...

Sorry, I only have this demo, not the rest. Hopefully somebody else can re-up the rest.

XfrankX said...

Hi XemonerdX, sorry for the spam here, but i saw your huge collection on Discogs. You have tons of stuff i desperately try to find :D
Is there any chance for posting Compression CD, i mean s/t album from this band.
Btw as a fan of 90's HC, check our page on FB

thanXXX for a lot of stuff i found here, great blog!

XemonerdX said...

I'll add it to my list of stuff to post! And you got some nice stuff there, might have to get a grab a shirt some time :)

XemonerdX said...

XfrankX, I ripped the Compression CD here:
When I find the split 7" with War Prayer in my record stacks, I'll also rip it.