Saturday, February 24, 2018

New blood: Embitter

Formed in late 2016, Embitter is a veggie/vegan metallic hardcore band from Warsaw, Poland. They just released their debut 7" on Bound By Modern Age Records from Germany, and they have (ex-)members of bands like Incitement, Outbound and Heatseeker. Guitarist Patryk contacted me about his band and told me their sound is inspired by bands like Morning Again, Culture, Unbroken and Mean Season... While you can definitely hear those influences here and there, Embitter is far from a carbon copy. Their sound is not quite what you think of when you think of those bands, even if at times you can hear a guitar line or progression that reminds you of those bands. The way they've structured their songs tho, does remind me of bands of that era in general. It's definitely a 90s approach to songwriting. But Embitter still sounds fresh and modern, and not stuck in the 90s (not that there's anything wrong with that, I know I am, haha)...

Production-wise it sounds like the band spent quite some time perfecting the sound of this 7". It's very layered and they've tried to mix things up with the guitar sound, the rhythm guitars are crunchy while the leads are much cleaner and sometimes even have some effects applied for a more open sound. Interesting to hear, and I'm sure the experience the band members had in their previous bands helped here... The 7" isn't perfect tho, I wish the vocals were a bit stronger, but the band shows a ton of promise, and I hope they stick around for a while longer than their previous bands did.

As a bonus, here's my buddy Tim, who does Bound By Modern Age Record, talking about the 7" and why he released it:

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