Saturday, August 19, 2017

Force Feed - Offerings Season demo

Here's another of many demo's that I picked up at Alain OFB's distro at a show back in the day, twice actually as the tape of my first copy broke soon after I got it. Anyways, Force Feed was a short-lived band from the Île-de-France, which includes Paris and the surrounding cities and towns. They released this demo in 1998, and as far as I know that's all they did unfortunately. This demo is a prime example of what the term deathcore stood for in the late 90s, it's a mix between death metal and mid-tempo beatdown-ish hardcore with deep guttural grunts. A band like End Of One comes to mind. I quite enjoy this demo, I just wish the production was less dense and muddy. If anybody has any information on this band and its members, leave a comment please!

Force Feed - Offerings Season demo


Molesting said...

Never heard of before ! File has expired, can you re upload it ?
I will ask couple of friends

Oh and i'm happy you got the demo, i see your message on discogs !

excarnation92 said...

can you re upload this plz

XemonerdX said...


Sorry Mol, missed your comment :(

Anonymous said...

Please re-up, man

XhcnoirX said...