Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Human Offense - Supreme Knowledge demo

The Human Offense was a hardcore band out of Union County, NJ. They released the 'Supreme Knowledge' demo in 1992. While they appear to be relatively unknown outside of the east coast, their sound can almost be considered a precursor to later NJHC bands, mixing a raw hardcore style with groovier bass-heavy mid/up-tempo hardcore and hiphop-esque vocals. It's all still pretty rough around the edges tho, and it doesn't work too well in all of these songs, but they were definitely doing their own thing, and there are some excellent parts in songs like 'Terminal Ballistics' and 'And Now We Go To School'.

I am pretty sure they did at least one other demo, but I have no clue if they did anything else besides that or what bands came before or after. Their bass-player helped out NJ Bloodline when they were just starting out tho, but I wouldn't necessarily say they were similar sound-wise. Still, give it a try... I know some of the OnexPath regulars will definitely be able to enjoy this demo for what it is!

The Human Offense - Supreme Knowledge demo


Anonymous said...

mmmh... definitly not what i expected. gotta say thanks for the AWOL discography tho, was searching that like a maniac. an underrated band for sure, its a shame they didnt relased more stuff.
completly unrelated,but since i'm a long fan of your blog here's my band < hardcore/thrash/crust with heavy elements,taking cues from CROW,SLAYER,SLANG,MUSHMOUTH etc. Feel free to download it and Have fun :)

shawn patrick said...

Wow I just stumbled upon this blog, I got to see Human Offense a bunch of times back in the heyday of places like Studio 1 in Newark NJ. I used to have the two demos and have been looking all over for ages to get these again. Would anyone be able to share again? These guys always brought it live when I saw them... crazy pits.
Thanks !

XemonerdX said...

Re-upped the Supreme Knowledge demo.