Saturday, June 3, 2017

Save You compilation 7"

Here is one of many benefit compilations that were released in the 90s. Released in 1997 by the Mountain Collective and Fallout Records (altho on my copy there's a small Mountain sticker covering the Fallout name and address), this was a suicide awareness benefit, with proceeds going to suicide prevention centers around the NY & NJ states (where both labels as well as the bands were from). Speaking of the bands, this comp features a song each by So I Had To Shoot Him, C.R., Devoid Of Faith and The Judas Iscariot. If you're familiar with the bands, you know what to expect: short, fast and frantic bursts of harsh grinding hardcore/punk. At barely 6 and a half minutes long, this comp is over before you know. All bands are well worth checking out, and aside from Devoid Of Faith's contribution I believe these tracks only appear on this comp (and C.R.'s discography CD, duh). In typical 90s fashion, the insert has some additional writing on the subject, as well as a reflective 'mirror' with 'You are unique, unprecedented and unrepeatable' printed underneath it. It may come off as corny nowadays, but they really don't make em like this anymore. Hell, there's even a small note apologizing for a fuck up in the insert's layout. Yep, people were actually polite in the 90s! Enjoy!

Save You compilation 7"


Anonymous said...

Can you reupload this demo (Six Centuries In Japan - The Burning And Falling Away demoCD). Sorry i know wrong post, figure i could get your attention on one of your newer post. thanks alot!

XemonerdX said...

I re-upped it, new link's in the SCIJ post. Enjoy!