Thursday, December 22, 2016

New blood: Day By Day (Florida, USA)

I guess technically they can't be called 'new blood' as they've been around for a few years already, but fuck it... My blog, my rules...  I caught Day By Day from Florida earlier this year on their European tour, supporting Higher Power from the UK (who btw are seriously great, if yer into all of Leeway's albums you will love them!)... And they rocked, hard. Despite being from Florida, the band has a sound that has a rough, unpolished edge to it and at times brings to mind some of the more groovy NYHC bands of the early 90s, combined with some raspy vocals that gives their sound a bit of an edge. Day By Day just does their own thing, regardless of what is popular or hip, also on stage. I loved their stage presence, very energetic with a down to earth but fun vibe, no tough guy bullshit. Another band that reminded me once again that hardcore ain't about being the most original/crazy/unique/hardest band, it's about being real and doing what you love. Fuck trends. Long live Day By Day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New blood: Surrounded By Sins (France)

When it comes to metallic and dark hardcore, France has a long & rich history. I've written before about my love for A Way Of Life, one of the bands from the infamous KDS crew scene out of Rennes. And of course there's Kickback, the almighty Kickback. Not for the faint of heart, they were d-a-r-k and in many ways were pioneers of not just the French metallic hardcore scene, but Europe's. They have also inspired countless bands, also in France. Including two faves, Cowards (who are not exactly 'new', but please do check them out) and Surrounded By Sins.

Hailing from Le Havre & Rouen, Surrounded By Sins have been playing for a couple of years but are still fairly unknown outside of France. They did an awesome demo back in 2014, and have just released their first record, the 'Hope Is Raped' 12" on Terrain Vague Records... Which features what is probably my fave song of 2016, 'Grain'. I cannot tell you how psyched that song makes me. But the entire 12" is bloody awesome... It's just too damn short with only 5 songs (and an intro)... This 6-man band has 2 singers who both destroy their vocal chords over crazy and vicious metallic hardcore/grind that at times reminds not only of (later) Kickback but also bands like Rise & Fall, Cursed and such... Really impressive stuff. Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch this band live some time. In any case, don't sleep on this band!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Blood: Revolve (Glasgow, UK)

I will be out of the country for most of December, but I don't want to drop the ball on OnexPath. So I have scheduled a few posts on a couple of new(er) bands that have caught my ear this year. December will be New Blood month! First up...

Anybody who's been following the previous New Blood posts knows I love the current wave of UKHC bands. Here's another UK band that really impressed me this year, Revolve from Glasgow... They released their first demo called 'Death Spares No One' in late 2015, and it offers a perfect blend of modern metallic hardcore, with a dash of 90s hardcore and a big splash of early 00s metalcore... At times I'm reminded of bands from the old Tribunal Records roster, like a more straight-forward Nientara. Really good shit, that had me scrambling to get my hands on a copy of their demo and a t-shirt, hah... Yes, I'm well into my 40s and I still wear nothing but hardcore t-shirts. Anyways, Revolve bring the mosh with some creative riffing (without veering into overly technical masturbation territories), just check out 'Second Side' from their 2015 demo. That track is pure OnexPath perfection, awesome riffs, tempo changes and totally worthy of some dancefloor justice. The band released a new track, 'Withered', this past summer and it simply shreds. Hopefully this band sticks around and gets the chance to do a proper record. Check em out...