Sunday, November 20, 2016

Reserving Dirtnaps - Part II

A few years I did a post on Reserving Dirtnaps, great heavy and tough hardcore from Memphis, TN. Their singer Brandon contacted me recently to inform me about their new EP called 'Part II' which is about to drop. He sent me the new EP to check out, and f*ck me, it's awesome, in fact this might just be the hardest EP of 2016.

This is 100% beatdown, holy sh*t. It's an all out wall of crushing and pummeling hardcore that is about as heavy as anything out there. Where a lot of beatdown bands nowadays seem to focus only on the slow-as-molasses beatdown parts, Reserving Dirtnaps go for the more 'old school' beatdown approach, keeping it hard, heavy and angry from start to finish. This seriously feels like you are being physically pummeled into submission by the music and Brandon's gruff vocals. It's hard, really really hard. Compared to their first EP they have tightened up their sound even more, this EP sounds focused and trimmed of excess. And even when they incorporate some different elements, like the grind/blast guitars in the middle of 'Disposed To Remain', it's there for a reason. A 6 song, 15 minute burst of anger, hate and violence, of Memphis Style Hardcore. If you enjoyed their old EP (which was recently re-released on tape), you will love this new EP. I still stand by my previous comparisons, if you enjoy bands like No Retreat or Lifeless NJ (who I actually just saw again last night, hah) but also bands like Steel Nation, you need to check out Reserving Dirtnaps, you're bound to want to do some spinkicks.

I can't offer you guys a link just yet, but a preview will be posted on in a few days, and I'm sure it will get added to RD's bandcamp later on... Just trust me on this one, it's awesome. Fave track: Total War.

Pre-orders for the 'Part II' CDEP start on Tuesday November 22, the CD and digital release is Friday December 9.

PS, is it me or does the cover remind anyone else of the old Rambo: First Blood Part II poster?

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