Thursday, February 25, 2016

New blood: Fractured

For whatever reason I'm on various band promoter's mailing lists who obviously have never bothered to check out what OnexPath is all about, sending me info about shitty shoegaze, rock and ambient spaced out whatever the hell it is bands... So that makes it all the better when an actual hardcore band takes the time to email me personally. One such band is Fractured from Shallotte, North Carolina. I had never heard of them before they emailed me. Shame on me, cuz this is awesome shit! Their latest EP, 'Debt To Pay', was released online a few months ago, and it's tight as hell! In some parts I'm reminded me of the heavier 90s bands like Turmoil while they also have a modern hardcore sound, bands like Atlanta's Foundation also come to mind. It's an excellent combination, and I urge anybody who visits OnexPath regularly to check Fractured! You will not be disappointed. The band also seems to enjoy playing out and has just done a small tour around several states. So if you live anywhere near NC, be sure to catch this band live, I'm sure they kill it live!

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