Saturday, February 27, 2016

New blood: Zero

More new blood! Zero are a youth crew-inspired band from Canada. While I am not exactly the biggest youth crew fan, good stuff is good stuff, such as True Colors (RIP) from Belgium and Insist out of the UK in recent years. And Zero falls into that category as well for me. They take cues from the old CTHC scene, think of Cornerstone and such, but they don't simply rehash that sound however, they add slightly different elements to it, so they do stand out a bit from the pack. They recently released their debut 7" on Insight Records (US/Canada) and Powered Records (Europe). If you're into youth crew and/or more old school-inspired hardcore, check out this band!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New blood: Fractured

For whatever reason I'm on various band promoter's mailing lists who obviously have never bothered to check out what OnexPath is all about, sending me info about shitty shoegaze, rock and ambient spaced out whatever the hell it is bands... So that makes it all the better when an actual hardcore band takes the time to email me personally. One such band is Fractured from Shallotte, North Carolina. I had never heard of them before they emailed me. Shame on me, cuz this is awesome shit! Their latest EP, 'Debt To Pay', was released online a few months ago, and it's tight as hell! In some parts I'm reminded me of the heavier 90s bands like Turmoil while they also have a modern hardcore sound, bands like Atlanta's Foundation also come to mind. It's an excellent combination, and I urge anybody who visits OnexPath regularly to check Fractured! You will not be disappointed. The band also seems to enjoy playing out and has just done a small tour around several states. So if you live anywhere near NC, be sure to catch this band live, I'm sure they kill it live!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fallen - Cold Turns On Cold CD

Fallen were an emocore band from the Worcester, Massachusetts area. They were around in the mid to late 90s, in various line-ups, but didn't release a lot of material. Their sound mixed the softer emo sound with a harder more metallic sound, influenced by bands like Converge, Cast Iron Hike and Cave In, and at times the band also sounds like New Day Rising. In 1998 a couple of their recordings sessions, which were originally meant for releases that never happened like a split 7", were released on a CD by Pensive Recording Group, who also released a Forcefedglass CD that same year. After this CD the band also did a split with a band called Kilnemia, but I've never seen it, let alone heard it. Around 2000 or so the band split up. Bass player Nick Van Someren went on to play in Ink Cartridge Funeral and Silent Drive, I have no idea if the other members went on to play in other bands. If you're into emocore with a metallic edge, you might find this interesting.

Fallen - Cold Turns On Cold CD