Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bleeding - The End?! 7"

Bleeding from Viersen in the Ruhrpott area of Germany were a short-lived band that released their only record, the 'The End?!' 7", on Dead Soil Records in 1998. Bleeding played a great mix between metalcore and deathmetal with 'evil' screeched vocals. The band shared members with other metalcore bands from Viersen at the time like Drift and Bloodstring (Dead Soil also released a split 7" of Bloodstring and Furnace). They quit sometime in 1999 I believe. Dead Soil Records was co-run by Bleeding's drummer Matthias and it mostly released stuff by bands they were playing in or were from the Viersen area, such as a split 7" between Bloodstring and Furnace.

Members of the band later went on to bands like The Ice, Born From Pain and more pure metal bands like Coronation and Battlesword.

Bleeding - The End?! 7"

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Fred said...

Thanks a lot for that, I'm a big fan of Drift (as well as The Ice, and of course BFP), so it's cool to hear how those bands started.

Also you can hear that this whole area of Germany already had a very metal-influenced sound, which is still the case today.

I'm looking for a few european oldies, in case you would have that in your collection :

Crawlspace Demo Tape (release before the RPP MCD), when they had a more old-school sound.
Out For Blood demo and CD.
Everything by the band Backstabbers, especially the cd/12" on Hardway Records.

Have you checked out The Platoon, with ex-members of Drift ? They had an MCD on FWH records, really good stuff ! Some of the guys also did a band called Tigers Crew, they only released a digital album with it but it's worth checking out, very agressive music.