Sunday, May 10, 2015

Crossfire (UK)

If you've been following my blog over the years you might have noticed I regularly bought/buy records of bands I don't know based solely on the artwork. Take Crossfire from the UK. I used to see their 'Lost' 7" regularly in random distro's and eventually bought it simply because of the way it looked, it interested me. It's not a classic, but it's good, so no regrets, haha... The 7" is pretty decent, mixing an old school sound with a more slowed down 90s sound. The well-written socio-political lyrics deal with subjects like women's rights and religious fanaticism. The 7" was released in 1993 on RPN Records out of Germany.

In recent years I also managed to pick up their demo from 1992 on one of my visits to the UK, either at All Ages in London or Punker Bunker in Brighton (both awesome record stores well worth visiting if you're ever in London or Brighton!). More old school sounding than the 7", it's still a nice listen. The guitars have a nice heavy crunch to them, giving the demo a slight crossover feel. Anyways, despite seeing their 7" all the time over the years, I still know nothing about them, hahaha... If anybody has some more info on this band, please leave a comment.

Crossfire - demo
Crossfire - Lost 7"

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