Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cloudburst - Love - Lies - Bleeding 7"

I used to, and still do, pick up random 7"s at shows or online based on their look or something else that triggers the 'I want to listen to this' itch. But as it happens, with some of these records I listen to em once or twice, and then sorta forget about them. I picked up this Cloudburst 7" at a show sometime in the early 00's. After a few listens it ended up among the 7"s starting with C, never to be played again. Until recently when a buddy of mine asked me about it. So I ripped it for him, and I realized how good this 7" is. I had completely forgotten what they sounded like, and what a shame that is, cuz it's great.

Cloudburst was a band from Bordeaux, France in the late 90s, playing a style that combined heavy metallic hardcore with more emo/screamo. They also did a split 10" with another French band, Acrimonie, which I don't have (yet, I will definitely have to get it now!). After they both folded, members from both bands formed a new, also short-lived, band called G-77, out of which the doommetal band Aguirre formed, who are still around.

Cloudburst - Love - Lies - Bleeding 7"

Saturday, April 4, 2015

New blood: Lockout

Lockout is a new band from Lancaster, PA. They just released their 'The Sickness Spreads' demo. The band currently has 2 members, brothers Jonathan & Jody. They used to play in a band called Common Ground and these songs were originally written for that band, but the band ended due to other commitments. So hopefully Lockout will become a more permanent band once they find more time, and additional members. Cuz I like what I'm hearing, and I'm sure it would sound killer in a live environment. It's heavy, energetic and hard with a nice flow to the song,  this stuff will appeal to fans of bands like Strength For A Reason, Death Threat and Lifeless while not sounding like a copy of any of them. Great stuff, I hope they can stick around and become a full band.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New blood: Mind Awake

I haven't kept up too much with the French scene the past few years, even tho I've written about a bunch of 90s French bands in the past. There are great bands like xDIGx and Overmars, they just don't pop up on my radar as much as bands the UK or the US for instance. So it's cool that Mind Awake from Paris contacted me. They just released their first demo on Paris-based PPB Records. Combining fast hardcore with groovy and heavy mosh breaks, it's a sound I can totally dig. There's a slight old school/youth crew feel but then they turn up the heaviness and bring the mosh. The lyrics are pretty varied and deal with lost friendships/relationships but also elitism in the scene. But I have to ask, where are the signalongs?! Their sound screams for singalongs... But I'm fine without them too, the band is definitely on the right track, and I can't wait to hear to hear more from them. They are also eager to play all over Europe, I will definitely make an effort to check em out if they play anywhere near me.