Saturday, March 7, 2015

Center-Point - Reflection demo

Spirit filled hardcore was quite big in the 90s, with some labels devoted solely to this Christian section of the hardcore scene, such as Tooth & Nail Records. On 2 of their 'Helpless Amongst Friends' comps, a band called Center Point appears (they're called Centerpoint on the 2nd one). The band was from the Lakewood/Artesia area inbetween Los Angeles and Long Beach and was made up of mostly young teenagers. They started out under the name Center-Point in 1992 and remained active till 1997. They went under the radar pretty much and aside from a 1994 demo and those compilations, I have no idea what other recordings they made/were released.

Anyways, here is that demo, released in 1994 on Resolve Recordings, still under their original name Center-Point, altho they also use Center Point for their address... Make up yer minds kids! They played fairly straight-forward mid 90s hardcore, decent but nothing great. The potential was here tho, closing song 'In The End' is pretty good and hints at an Unashamed-like sound. A track from this demo, 'United We Stand' also appeared on the 1st 'Helpless...' comp.

My demo copy has a drop in sound at the start of opening track 'Relieved', sorry about that. Nothing I can do about it I'm afraid, so I've left it in as-is. Members of Centerpoint later played in Redlight Halo, which also had members of Exist, another Christian band I wrote about before.

Center-Point - Reflection demo

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