Sunday, December 13, 2015

Through The Haze comp 7"

So here's another of many compilation 7"s that came out in the 90s: the 'Through The Haze' compilation 7", which was released by Overdose Records in 1994. It was Overdose's first release, they would do 7"s afterwards by bands like Disbelief and Time's Expired. Those bands aren't on here tho, this 7" has tracks by Eternal, Frail, Disregard and Temperance. Aside from Eternal, who plays full-on heavy metallic hardcore, the bands are on the emocore end of the spectrum, while still having that crunchy 90s sound. Disregard is easily the weakest band here, especially the vocals don't do it for me. The other three are all winners in my book, with Temperance doing almost a ballad like Strife's 'Slipping', not their best stuff but still decent enough, for me anyways, haha... Eternal did a couple of demo's (which I don't have, hint hint) but they never did a 7" or anything, which is a real shame, their song shreds. The other bands all have other releases out there, seek them out if you like what you hear. In any case, a solid compilation, so check it out!

BTW, the band order on the back of the 7" is wrong, Disregard and Temperance are switched on the 7" itself, which is the order I've used.

*edit* Awesome, Buske just posted Eternal's 1993 demo on his blog, An Attitude Exhumed!

Through The Haze comp 7"

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Review: Wildspeaker - Survey The Wreckage

Wildspeaker from Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas just released their first full-length album, 'Survey The Wreckage', and asked me to review it for OPFMTD. They play what they describe as 'Blackened Crust heavily influenced by punk, hardcore, and doom', and that is a pretty accurate description. I readily admit this is not the stuff I listen to the most, but as with any style, awesome is awesome! And Wildspeaker falls into that category for me. To me, I feel this entire 'blackened' thing sorta started with the Amebix back in the day, and bands like Nausea (NYC), Catharsis and (early) Gehenna introduced it from the punk scene into the more metallic hardcore scene, and more extreme metal influences started to seep in. Nowadays it also includes a lot of black metal influences, altho Wildspeaker's sound is more rooted in crust punk and hardcore than doom or black metal to me, even those those influences are also clearly here.

Their sound is centered around 2 elements: the awesome guitar sound and the equally impressive vocals. The guitars are heavy with razorsharp riffs, and occasionally have that slight buzzsaw sound often heard in this style, but it rarely becomes a blur, which is a compliment to both the band and the producer. The vocals compliment the music perfectly. The singer's voice reminds me of those of bands like Gather and Belgium's Oathbreaker, piercing screams that are raspy, throaty and full of conviction. Lyrically the band takes a very nihilistic, mysanthropic & apocalyptic stance, humanity fucked up and nature will eventually rise up against our destructive habits.

In their email to me they mentioned their influences also include 90s hardcore (inspired) bands like Chokehold, Racetraitor and the aforementioned Gather. I would also add bands like the amazing Zero Hour and their successor Children Of Barren Wasteland to that list.

Wildspeaker is seriously good, even if you don't wear tight black jeans covered in patches and a bullet belt. It's always great to come across bands that surprise you, and Wildspeaker certainly does. Please give them a chance! I don't think their album has been released in physical form (yet?), so for now check it out on their bandcamp. My favorite track? Tie between 'Abrupt Decay' and title track 'Survey The Wreckage'.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Doghouse Records was started by Dirk Hemsath to release stuff by his band at the time, Majority Of One. After releasing a few records of Majority Of One as well as a 7" for his other band, Transcend, Doghouse signed Stronghold, a band Dirk/Doghouse had befriended while touring. Stronghold was a Dayton, OH hardcore band from the late 80s/early 90s and had that typical sound when hardcore bands were starting to experiment a bit more with their sound, with a more intricate and clear guitar sound and such. Think bands like Trial By Jury which I blogged about a few times and Billingsgate (on their severely underrated LP).

Stronghold's first, self-titled, 7" was released in 1991. It's a good one, and already shows a band that wants to progress. But with their follow-up 7" called 'Ad Infinitum...' from 1992 the band really came into their own. Opening track 'Slow Burning' (the listing on the back & inside of the sleeve is wrong) is nothing short of amazing with its mid-tempo groove and contemplative lyrics. And it continues with the rest of the 4 songs on this 7". To me this band on this 7" was ahead of their time, some stuff (like the opening of 'Only Human') already brings future bands like Cast Iron Hike to mind.

In any case, for some reason Stronghold never seemed to really get the attention and recognition they deserved. I also have no idea what the band members did once the band folded, if anybody knows, please leave a comment! The band would also contribute to the 'Live At The New Space' double 7" live compilation. I might post that at a later date. There's a pop in 'Only Human' that I was unable to remove, sorry about that!

Stronghold - s/t 7"
Stronghold - Ad Infinitum... 7"

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bleeding - The End?! 7"

Bleeding from Viersen in the Ruhrpott area of Germany were a short-lived band that released their only record, the 'The End?!' 7", on Dead Soil Records in 1998. Bleeding played a great mix between metalcore and deathmetal with 'evil' screeched vocals. The band shared members with other metalcore bands from Viersen at the time like Drift and Bloodstring (Dead Soil also released a split 7" of Bloodstring and Furnace). They quit sometime in 1999 I believe. Dead Soil Records was co-run by Bleeding's drummer Matthias and it mostly released stuff by bands they were playing in or were from the Viersen area, such as a split 7" between Bloodstring and Furnace.

Members of the band later went on to bands like The Ice, Born From Pain and more pure metal bands like Coronation and Battlesword.

Bleeding - The End?! 7"

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Timescape Zero

There are bands that are obscure for a reason, and then there are the obscure bands that this blog is all about. Timescape Zero is one such band that more than deserves to be heard. I remember reading about the band in old Inside Front zines, and I loved their contributions to the 'Over The Edge II' comp as well as one of the Inside Front comps. But their own records were always really hard to get over here, I don't recall ever seeing a record of theirs at a distro here until I picked up the re-release of their 1993 split 7" with Subliminal Criminal a few years ago at a recordfair.

So it was a really nice surprise when their singer, Adel 156, emailed me a few days ago to inform me the band's recordings are now on bandcamp! Awesome news that will hopefully bring this band some more attention. From Wikipedia:
Timescape Zero is an American metalcore band from Miami, Florida formed in 1991, they are seen as one of the lesser known bands which helped start the metalcore scene. The band formed after the break-up of Hangman (who released only one song on a 7" compilation on Youthbus Records), when they replaced the original lead singer with Adel Souto of Feast of Hate and Fear fanzine. Lyrical themes include social issues, religion, politics, mental illness, individualism and self-awareness. Influenced by late 80s straight edge hardcore, Sheer Terror, Killing Time, Sick of It All, Charles Manson and Anton LaVey. Though they played reunion shows in 2004 and again in 2010, they officially broke up in 1998.

While the band definitely was one of the first metalcore bands, their old school influences are also very clear in their sound (to me the fast parts together with Adel's voice somehow remind me of Face Value). And now that I finally get to hear a ton more TZ songs, I am even sadder this band never seemed to get the recognition they deserved. So fuckin' good. So... Do yourself a favor, and check out this band. They were awesome, and now you can find out for yourself as well.

Timescape Zero bandcamp

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bloodstone - Blindless Salvation 7"

Yet another random 90s 7" from my collection that I picked up at some distro table in the 2nd half of the 90s. With a cover like that, how could I not? Anyways, Bloodstone were a shortlived band from the St. Louis, Missouri area. They were formed out of the ashes of early 90s band Tolerance and aside from demo's I am pretty sure this 'Blindless Salvation' 7" was their only proper release. The 7" was recorded in late 1993 and released on Ad.Mis.Sion Records in 1994, which I believe was run by someone in the band. Bloodstone played awesome mid-tempo 90s hardcore with a slightly metallic/chugga edge, sorta like the (incredibly underrated) Billingsgate LP. Definitely prime OnexPath material! After Bloodstone folded members moved on to Fuse 12.

Some funny things in regards to the 7". The layout was done by Dan Askew of Second Nature fanzine & Sean Ingram (this was before he joined Coalesce). In fact, Sean is listed on the thankslist but also 'Jes and Breach'. Breach was the bandname of Coalesce before Sean joined them (to replace previous singer Jes). Anyways, that's all the random trivia I could dig up. Enjoy!

If anybody has any non-7" Bloodstone recordings, or Tolerance recordings (I know they did at least one demo), please share!

Bloodstone - Blindless Salvation 7"

Thursday, July 23, 2015

New blood: Life Betrays Us

UK hardcore has had strong bands since forever, but there are so many awesome bands coming out of the UK these days, it's mind-blowing... Here's yet another new band, Life Betrays Us from London. With members from bands like Crippler LBU and Bun Dem Out, it's no surprise this band doesn't play poppunk. Heavy, hard-hitting hardcore, with some occasional melodic singing thrown in to mix things up a bit. They just released a demo, and it's awesome. I hope somebody picks up these guys for an EP or something. Check them out! FFO: Lifeless, Life Or Death.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mindset - State Of Mind 7"

Here's another request, Mindset's 'State Of Mind' 7". Mindset from Queens, NYC started out under the name Downfall sometime in 1996. They quickly changed their name to Mindset, and did a first recording which ended up on a demo and a compilation. That got them on Rick Ta Life's Back Ta Basics Records, leading to the 'State Of Mind' 7" which was released in 1998. Around that time another Mindset was making waves, so another name change was in order. They finally settled on the name Sworn Enemy in 1999, which they have kept since, and they are still going strong! I've seen Sworn Enemy a number of times on their Euro tours and they're always great, definitely check them out if you haven't yet!

Anyways, the Mindset 7" is awesome, if yer familiar with the early Sworn Enemy material, you'll recognize the sound, hard and heavy beatdown-ish metallic hardcore. Some Mindset songs including 'Never' from this 7", would be re-recorded for Sworn Enemy's 'Negative Outlook' MCD. Sworn Enemy would later on add way more metal influences to their sound, this is still straight up hardcore tho. As per usual with BTB's 7"s, the covers & inserts are photocopied, and in this case, my copy doesn't even have a folded sleeve, but the front and back are separate pieces of paper, cut rather crudely into squares. DIY baby! Gotta love it, I know I do. Enjoy!

Mindset - State Of Mind 7"

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Grin - Part Of Me 7"

Someone requested Grin's 'Part Of Me' 7" from 1989 recently, so here it is. It's not quite 90s but hey, I'm a nice guy, haha... Grin from Massachussets was formed out of the ashes of Apology, who did an EP on Wishingwell Records. As far as I know the 'Part Of Me' 7" is Grin's only recording. It was recorded in late 1988 and released the following year on Italian label Break Even Point Records (Endpoint, Naked Angels, Backlash, Growing Concern). Grin's 7" is in the vein of bands like Dag Nasty and some Endpoint, maybe adding some DC/emo influences here and there? In any case, decent stuff. Their singer, and also Apology's, was Mike Gitter who used to do XXX zine and who currently works as Vice President of A&R at Century Media Records! The always awesome did an interview with him recently, definitely check it out.

Members moved on to bands like Karate, Jones Very and Alloy.

Grin - Part Of Me 7"

Sunday, June 21, 2015

State Of Mind - Original Hate 7"

State Of Mind was a hardcore band from the Brunswick, Ohio area, and I have no idea if they did anything else besides this 'Original Hate' 7", heh... Information on this band is scarce, to put it mildly. Decent mid-tempo heavy and somewhat metallic hardcore with those semi-sung/semi-screamed vocals that are so typical of this era. They're far from the best of the bunch, bands like Trial By Jury and Betrayed that I've posted before did it much better. But it's still decent enough to give it a listen if yer into this style. The 7" was recorded and released in 1993, on Smog Veil Records, who also released records from other Ohio bands like The Spudmonsters and Face Value.

If anybody has any additional info on this band, please leave a comment. Thank you!

State Of Mind - Original Hate 7"

Sunday, June 14, 2015

By All Means comp 7"

Here's an awesome compilation 7" called 'By All Means'. It was released on Progression Records in 1990. The bands on here are Hardball, Device, Face Value, Relapse and Resolution. Outspoken is listed on the back with a 'cancelled' sign across it. I have no idea why they were dropped from this comp, but whatever reason it was, it happened after the insert had already been designed, there's still a page for Outspoken's track in it. The layout for the cover and the booklet btw was apparently done by none other than Dwid of Integrity. You can see some typical Dwid touches like the Integ skull and Bela Lugosi's face on the back of the sleeve.

Anyways, even without Outspoken, this is one solid slab of vinyl of late 80s/early 90s hardcore. I imagine most of the bands on here are known to OnexPath readers, but just in case... Hardball were a militant sXe band featuring Ryan Downey of Burn It Down & Time In Malta and the vegan sXe rapper known as xEdgex (With The Dreads) who also played in 7 Generations for a while among other bands. Device were from the DC area, members moved on to bands like Elizabeth Herz & Askance. Clevo band Face Value had just started the previous year and would soon become a force to reckon with, singer Tony Erba has been in a ton of bands since, like the H100s and 9 Shocks Terror. Relapse did a couple of pretty cool 7"s before quitting, members moving on to bands like Current, Dearborn S.S. & Ottawa and even doing a label, Council Records. Resolution from the Northwest sorta formed from the ashes of legendary band Brotherhood, members would later play in bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Engine Kid.

By All Means comp 7"

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Wrecking Ball 2015

The States host some awesome punk & hardcore fests that I would love to visit if it weren't for having to fly over there, heh... But  fests like This Is Hardcore, Black & Blue etc all have great line-ups year in year out. This year there will also be an awesome sounding fest down south in Atlanta, GA called The Wrecking Ball. It's taking place August 8th & 9th, and the line-up features bands like Judge, American Nightmare, Coheed And Cambria, The Descendents, Cave In, Blacklisted, Modern Life Is War and local favorites Foundation. I will admit not all bands are up my alley, but with over 60 bands playing across 4 stages, I'm sure even I would have one hell of a time there! The fest takes place at a well-known local venue called The Masquerade, which is also celebrating its 25th anniversary. So if yer not sure of what to do in early August and yer in that area, check it out!

The Wrecking Ball website
The Wrecking Ball tickets

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dawn Of Orion - Twilight Eternal demo

Dawn Of Orion was a short-lived metalcore band from Georgia, they were around from 1997 till 1999/2000 or so. Their sound was far more metal than hardcore, similar to Day Of Suffering and Arkangel. They were also heavily anti-religious in imagery and lyrical content. Here's their 'Twilight Eternal' demo from 1997, I believe it's the only demo they did. I can't remember how I got hold of the demo, I might have gotten it from Erik, their guitar player. I sent the band an interview (by snailmail of course) for a zine I planned on doing (which never happened), probably after hearing their 7". He wrote me a letter with answers etc, which I've probably lost many years ago, and I imagine this demo. No idea how else I could've gotten it. Anyways, this is an awesome demo, very metal, very 'evil' and very good.

Besides this demo from 1997 they released the 'On Broken Wings' 7" on Undecided Records in 1998 and the 'For The Lust Of Prophecies Undone' CD on Immigrant Sun Records in 1999, both also awesome and well worth seeking out. The CD has re-recordings of a couple of demo-tracks btw. Band members would move on to more full-on death metal bands like Signs Of Dying & Vastion.

Dawn Of Orion - Twilight Eternal demo

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cloudburst - '98 demo

I posted Cloudburst's 7" a few weeks ago here, and afterwards Sam from the excellent UK band Renounced contacted me that he had their demo. He was kind enough to part with it, so I ripped it.
The band was still called Cloud Burst at this stage, but they already played the style of their later material. Great demo in the same vein as their 7", a mix of metallic hardcore with more emo/screamo influences. If you enjoy their 7", definitely check out the demo as well. Now I definitely need to get their split 10" with Anomie!

Cloudburst - '98 demo

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Crossfire (UK)

If you've been following my blog over the years you might have noticed I regularly bought/buy records of bands I don't know based solely on the artwork. Take Crossfire from the UK. I used to see their 'Lost' 7" regularly in random distro's and eventually bought it simply because of the way it looked, it interested me. It's not a classic, but it's good, so no regrets, haha... The 7" is pretty decent, mixing an old school sound with a more slowed down 90s sound. The well-written socio-political lyrics deal with subjects like women's rights and religious fanaticism. The 7" was released in 1993 on RPN Records out of Germany.

In recent years I also managed to pick up their demo from 1992 on one of my visits to the UK, either at All Ages in London or Punker Bunker in Brighton (both awesome record stores well worth visiting if you're ever in London or Brighton!). More old school sounding than the 7", it's still a nice listen. The guitars have a nice heavy crunch to them, giving the demo a slight crossover feel. Anyways, despite seeing their 7" all the time over the years, I still know nothing about them, hahaha... If anybody has some more info on this band, please leave a comment.

Crossfire - demo
Crossfire - Lost 7"

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cloudburst - Love - Lies - Bleeding 7"

I used to, and still do, pick up random 7"s at shows or online based on their look or something else that triggers the 'I want to listen to this' itch. But as it happens, with some of these records I listen to em once or twice, and then sorta forget about them. I picked up this Cloudburst 7" at a show sometime in the early 00's. After a few listens it ended up among the 7"s starting with C, never to be played again. Until recently when a buddy of mine asked me about it. So I ripped it for him, and I realized how good this 7" is. I had completely forgotten what they sounded like, and what a shame that is, cuz it's great.

Cloudburst was a band from Bordeaux, France in the late 90s, playing a style that combined heavy metallic hardcore with more emo/screamo. They also did a split 10" with another French band, Acrimonie, which I don't have (yet, I will definitely have to get it now!). After they both folded, members from both bands formed a new, also short-lived, band called G-77, out of which the doommetal band Aguirre formed, who are still around.

Cloudburst - Love - Lies - Bleeding 7"

Saturday, April 4, 2015

New blood: Lockout

Lockout is a new band from Lancaster, PA. They just released their 'The Sickness Spreads' demo. The band currently has 2 members, brothers Jonathan & Jody. They used to play in a band called Common Ground and these songs were originally written for that band, but the band ended due to other commitments. So hopefully Lockout will become a more permanent band once they find more time, and additional members. Cuz I like what I'm hearing, and I'm sure it would sound killer in a live environment. It's heavy, energetic and hard with a nice flow to the song,  this stuff will appeal to fans of bands like Strength For A Reason, Death Threat and Lifeless while not sounding like a copy of any of them. Great stuff, I hope they can stick around and become a full band.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New blood: Mind Awake

I haven't kept up too much with the French scene the past few years, even tho I've written about a bunch of 90s French bands in the past. There are great bands like xDIGx and Overmars, they just don't pop up on my radar as much as bands the UK or the US for instance. So it's cool that Mind Awake from Paris contacted me. They just released their first demo on Paris-based PPB Records. Combining fast hardcore with groovy and heavy mosh breaks, it's a sound I can totally dig. There's a slight old school/youth crew feel but then they turn up the heaviness and bring the mosh. The lyrics are pretty varied and deal with lost friendships/relationships but also elitism in the scene. But I have to ask, where are the signalongs?! Their sound screams for singalongs... But I'm fine without them too, the band is definitely on the right track, and I can't wait to hear to hear more from them. They are also eager to play all over Europe, I will definitely make an effort to check em out if they play anywhere near me.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chloe - Soon Enough 7"

Chloe was a band from Boston MA in the early 90s. For a band with such a lovely non-hardcore name, they sound much rougher than you'd expect. Their sound is a mixture between Boston's Toe Tag and Detroit's Pittbull. Their 'Soon Enough' 7" was released on Gawdawful Records in 1991. Only 2 songs, but both are solid if yer into the aforementioned bands. There is no lyrics sheet with my copy, so I have no idea what their lyrics are about. In 1992 they would do another 7" called 'Shaman', released on Cinderblock Records. I don't have that one unfortunately, if I get my hands on it, it'll end up on here tho, count on it, haha...

Anyways, with a name like Chloe, finding information on this band is next to impossible, heh... So if anybody has some more information on them, please leave a comment. I am really interested to find out if the band members played in other bands before or after, esp the singer who has an awesome voice! I did find out that someone (maybe from Chloe?) created a bandcamp page for them with some live-recordings, so do check that out if you like what you hear!

Chloe - Soon Enough 7"

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: Lay It On The Line - A Prelude To The Process EP

London, UK's Lay It On The Line was formed in spring 2012 with ex-members of Hang The Bastard and Phinius Gage, and has since been carving out a name for themselves. If you hadn't guessed from the circle logo on the cover, the Process from the EP's title refers to the Process Church of the Last Judgement, also the bands inspiration for the lyrics on this EP. I wouldn't necessarily put LIOTL's sound under the Holy Terror banner tho.

The band's sound lies somewhere between the rough and gritty hardcore punk sound of bands like Tragedy and a more modern hardcore sound like The Carrier. Defunct and IMHO underrated UK band Burning The Prospect also came to my mind. It's an interesting mix that also works well because of the vocals, which fit the range of influences and sounds well.

I wasn't aware of this band until this release, so I also checked out their previous releases. 'A Prelude..' continues in the direction set by their previous material but also has a darker and more focused sound. I am really into it, and I'm looking forward to their upcoming full-length album. The one thing I feel is lacking somewhat is that the production is a bit thin, I feel their sound could use a bit of extra heaviness. But it's a minor complaint, as I said I am digging this band a lot. Check it out!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Center-Point - Reflection demo

Spirit filled hardcore was quite big in the 90s, with some labels devoted solely to this Christian section of the hardcore scene, such as Tooth & Nail Records. On 2 of their 'Helpless Amongst Friends' comps, a band called Center Point appears (they're called Centerpoint on the 2nd one). The band was from the Lakewood/Artesia area inbetween Los Angeles and Long Beach and was made up of mostly young teenagers. They started out under the name Center-Point in 1992 and remained active till 1997. They went under the radar pretty much and aside from a 1994 demo and those compilations, I have no idea what other recordings they made/were released.

Anyways, here is that demo, released in 1994 on Resolve Recordings, still under their original name Center-Point, altho they also use Center Point for their address... Make up yer minds kids! They played fairly straight-forward mid 90s hardcore, decent but nothing great. The potential was here tho, closing song 'In The End' is pretty good and hints at an Unashamed-like sound. A track from this demo, 'United We Stand' also appeared on the 1st 'Helpless...' comp.

My demo copy has a drop in sound at the start of opening track 'Relieved', sorry about that. Nothing I can do about it I'm afraid, so I've left it in as-is. Members of Centerpoint later played in Redlight Halo, which also had members of Exist, another Christian band I wrote about before.

Center-Point - Reflection demo

Saturday, February 21, 2015

New blood: Outshined

I should do these posts more often, as there are great new bands popping up all the time. Here's another one, Outshined from Richmond, Virginia. They're a young new band playing a crossover hardcore style that feels both contemporary as well as refers to the past. It's a style that's quite popular these days, and for good reason, hah. Bands like Bitter End, Broken Teeth, Take Offense, etc all have a modern sound but have clearly also listened to crossover bands like the Crumbsuckers, Ludichrist and D.R.I..

The same goes for Outshined, but even more so than the aforementioned bands, you can clearly hear their late 80s influences in the way the songs are written and played. And they are good at what they do! They don't stretch out songs needlessly, aside from closing track 'On Your Time' all the tracks are done within 2 and a half minutes. Get in, do your thing, and get out. Awesome! Outshined's singer also uses a vocal style and a flow that reminds of late 80s crossover bands. I will definitely keep this band on my radar!

Outshined has members of other Richmond bands Meth Lab and Barge, which are (were?) more rooted in powerviolence & grindcore, as well as postrockers Springtime. I don't know if Outshined is a sideproject for them or not, but either way, this is one awesome demo! Check it out!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Psycho Civilized compilation CD

The 90s gave us a ton of awesome compilations, some of which I've posted in the past, and I will continue to do so. Next in line: 'Psycho Civilized', which was released by Elevator Music in 1995 and contains a great selection of bands from across the States, altho the focus is on the CT scene. Elevator Music was from New Haven, CT where they were also involved with the Tune Inn club, hosting hardcore shows on a regular basis. They released stuff by hardcore bands like Dissolve, who are also on this comp, and Cleanser, but also punk and ska bands.

In true 90s fashion this comp starts with a spoken words track, in this case by Greg Bennick of Trial. After that the comp has 18 bands on it: Cornerstone, Trial, Vision Of Disorder, Brace, Dissolve, Blood Runs Black, Dismay, Stigmata, Tyrant Trooper, S.F.A., Killing Time, Asphalt, Botch, Jasta 14, Eventide, Shiv, Tapeworm and 25 Ta Life. Most bands should not be unknown to regular readers of OnexPath. Shiv feels a bit out of place with their noisey cover of Gang Of Four's 'Natural's Not In It' (called 'Gangüforé' on here), and Tyrant Trooper is straight up death metal, but the rest of the bands fall anywhere between indie/hardcore (Eventide) to old school (Cornerstone) to NYHC (Killing Time, 25 Ta Life) to more metallic hardcore (most other bands) etc... All in all, a solid comp that's great for playing in the car while driving to/from a show.

If anybody has any info on Brace from CT, please leave a comment. I love their track, but I can't find any info on them. I would love to hear from by them.

Psycho Civilized compilation CD

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Endgame - Seeds Of Consciousness 7"

New Start Records was a hardcore punk label from Winston-Salem, North Carolina in the early 90s. They released some interesting records including the Hardball 'One On One' 7" and some Naked Angels 7"s. One band they also released that is way more obscure is Endgame. Their 'Seeds Of Consciousness' 7" was released in 1992. Decent early 90s mid-tempo hardcore that tries to incorporate more rocking influences, with those typical half-spoken/half-sung vocals from that era. Nothing special, but good enough for my ears.

I wish I could tell you something about this band, but I can't, not even where they're from. Not only is the insert missing from my 7", I can't find any information on this band online either. So if anybody has any information on this band, please leave a comment.

Endgame - Seeds Of Consciousness 7"