Saturday, August 2, 2014

New blood: Hollow Truth

In the next couple of posts I will be discussing a few (relatively) new bands that I enjoy and that excite me. I might be a jaded oldhead at 41 years old, but I still check out new bands all the time and some of these bands still get me pumped. Hardcore for life, and all that...

First up is Hollow Truth from Dublin, Ireland, playing what they call Bray Area thrash. What's not to love about this awesome band? Their hardcore/metal crossover style is influenced by bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, 'Desperate Measures' era Leeway and 'Best Wishes'/'Alpha Omega' era Cro-Mags, but obviously they also love some good old-fashioned Bay Area thrash metal (Vio-Lence anyone?). This crossover style is making a comeback it seems with a band like Power Trip blowing up big-time. If they can do it, I don't see why Hollow Truth can't.

After doing a couple of excellent demo's, they recently released 'The Power To Endure' as a single-sided 12" on Powertrip Records out of Germany. As explained in this interview with singer CiarĂ¡n, some of the bands lyrics take an unconventional approach and incorporate some mythical influences. He also uses more of a singing voice which reminds of people like Eddie Sutton of Leeway but also bands like Twitching Tongues at times. Musically the band keeps evolving and fine-tuning their sound, so I can't wait to hear their new stuff. Their next record will be a split with Hardships, which should be a total rager. Hollow Truth will be touring Europe later this year so hopefully I can catch em at one of those shows. Don't sleep on this one!

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