Sunday, March 9, 2014

Depth Of Mind - This Broken Face demo

Depth Of Mind was a short-lived hardcore band from Ithaca, NY in the first half of the 90s. From what I know they were all teenagers when Depth Of Mind was around, I'm not even sure they did anything else besides this 'This Broken Face' demo from 1993?

Anyways, musically this band is pretty good and falls in line with similar new school hardcore bands from that era like Trial By Jury, Billingsgate and Bloodline, altho never quite reaching the awesomeness of those bands. The vocals however are what makes Depth Of Mind stand out most, most of the time it sounds like the vocalist wants to be in a hardrock band, or even a straight-up rock band, rather than a hardcore band. At times the singing vocals work, but other times they simply do not fit the music at all. I would enjoy this band a whole lot more with a different singer, let's put it like that.

Bass-player Jacob Todd has since moved onto the electronic/house scene and is now a DJ/producer. I have no idea what the other band members did after Depth Of Mind folded.

Depth Of Mind - This Broken Face demo

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