Sunday, February 2, 2014

Foundation - Fear Of Life EP 7"

Sometimes hardcore bands start out under a name that's already used by another band. In some cases bands have to change their name due to legal disputes, like Disciple and Shipwreck becoming Discple ad and Shipwreck ad respectively. In most cases tho, nothing happens and there are just multiple bands using the same name. Examples include Kingpin and Intent, both names have been used or are used by at least 3 hardcore bands each that I am aware of. But I imagine the most often used bandname in hardcore is Foundation. In my own collection alone I have records by 5 different  Foundations. There's an early 90s Foundation from Rochester, NY who did 2 7"s. Then there's a Foundation from San Diego, CA a bit later who did a 7" on XWords Of WarX Records and a split 7" with Ecorche. Robbie Huddleston from the indie/punk-band Ann Beretta started a side/solo-project called Foundation in the early 00's, which he's still doing. And then of course there's the Atlanta, GA based Foundation who've been around for 5/6 years now and are still going strong.

Bu today's post is about the 5th Foundation from my collection. This Foundation originated from New Jersey and were around in the late 90s. Their sole 7", released in 1999, was the second release on a NJ label called Dead Alive Records, which was around for 4 years or so but managed to crank out 30+ releases during that time. The label renamed itself Manic Ride Records afterwards and continued for a few more years before finally folding. NJ's Foundation was short-lived and I have no idea what the band-members did before or after. They also contributed a track to Dead Alive Records' first release, a compilation CD (a benefit for ABC No Rio), other than possible demo's that's it. Anyways, this 7" is filled with solid manic hardcore with dual (even triple) vocals which give it a crust/grind-like edge. It sounds like this band would've raged on stage. Good stuff, so check it out.

Foundation - Fear Of Life EP 7"


YOGOT said...

My favourite Foundations are definitely the one from Reston, VA (they were active in the second half of the 80s, there's a nice write-up about them on Wilfully Obscure) and the one from Rochester, NY. I have a soft spot for melodic, "emo" hardcore songs.

P. Venikov said...

Can you please reup this? Thank you so much!

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