Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trial By Jury - 1991 demo

And another Trial By Jury request. Not that I mind, Trial By Jury were awesome. Here's their 1991 demo. It has a few songs on it that did not make it on the 7" version of this demo, which was released on Reflection Records in 1992. Reflection Records also did 7" by bands such as Green Rage, Counter Punch and Framework. Anyways, back to the demo. Early 90s new school hardcore with that typical crunchy guitar-sound and spoken/shouted vocals, this is the kind of stuff I live for. I love this band, I'll probably be posting the remainder of their discography sometime soon.

Trial By Jury - 1991 demo


Anonymous said...

Brilliant - thanks!

JxM said...

Re-up please!

XemonerdX said...

Re-upped! Sorry for the delay, I was out of the country.