Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chilmark - Mosaic 7"

Another request. Chilmark were a post-hardcore/emo band from Barnstable/South Yarmouth, MA. The first time I heard this band was on the 'Boston Hardcore - In Memory Of...'comp 7" on the amazing Moo Cow Records, from 1994. Chilmark had already released 2 self-titled 7"s by then (commonly referred to as the 'Driftwood' 7" and the 'Mosaic' 7" respectively), which were released on CMK Records and Used Gears Records in 1992/1993. I believe CMK Records was renamed to Used Gears Records and was in fact Chilmark's own label? Moo Cow ended up repressing both 7"s, in 1994. Also in 1994, Chilmark's last recordings were released, the 'Fifteen Fingered Man' MCD, again on Used Gears Records. I have no idea what happened to the band members unfortunately. If you're into 90s post-hardcore/emo however, give this band a shot.

Unfortunately my copy doesn't come with an insert, sorry. And even worse, my copy is in pretty rough shape, I tried to clean up the sound as best I could, but don't expect great sound quality, sorry about that!

Chilmark - Mosaic 7"

For those interested, I don't have Chilmark's 'Driftwood' 7", but someone posted it on youtube:

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raviisangry said...

Thanks so much for uploading this, this band is great, I found the Driftwood 7" on soulseek and ended up posting it on youtube :)