Sunday, December 15, 2013

4 In Tha Chamber - Unstable Foundation MCD

4 In Tha Chamber was a hardcore band out of the Bronx, NYC. They were formed in 1996 by Dave Mitchell (ex-Without A Cause/Fahrenheit 451), and in 1997 their 'Unstable Foundation' MCD was released on Extreme Championship Wreckords. ECW (a reference to then-popular Extreme Championship Wrestling) was a label run by 4ITC's singer Jon. Heavy & semi-groovy NYHC with a slight rap-influence, 4ITC had their own sound going on. They had some problems with their line-up and commitments outside of the band, causing the band to go through several periods of inactivity. In 2000 they released a full-length called 'Existence' on Kingfisher Records and even toured Europe in 2001. Shortly thereafter the band pretty much quit, but then reformed a few years later, with a new singer, and a heavier sound, under the name 4 In The Chamber. This resulted in the excellent 'Memories Die' CD in 2007, which they released themselves again. After that CD the band folded but again reformed a few years later, this time under the name Unstable Foundation. Under that name they released one album that I know of, which I unfortunately do not own. The last thing I heard of Unstable Foundation is that they were looking for a new singer.

Anyways, if anybody has their other stuff (especially their split with As They Die on Moosestyle Records, from 1999), please leave a comment.

4 In Tha Chamber - Unstable Foundation MCD


Anonymous said...

Hello! Great thanks for 4 In Tha Chamber, can you upload also Existence CD and excuse me for off top can you upload Elements DEC - Win or Lose,Hesitation is Enemy; Fury Of Five - Convicted and Condemned and Justice Unknown - This is What Rage is About?!

XemonerdX said...

I don't have Existence or the other albums, sorry. If I come across em I'll post em tho.

Anonymous said...

Hey mate, any chance of re-uploading the DISSOLVE demo (and whatever else you have by them)? Thanks!

mike said...

thank a lot , great stuff!

Anonymous said...

i have the split with AS THEY DIE

please give me an e-mail so i can contact with you