Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fear Tomorrow - Born In Blood 7"

Here's the only 7" by Fear Tomorrow, a short-lived band from New Milford, CT. Fear Tomorrow was formed in 1999 out of the ashes of youth crew hardcore band Follow Through together with members from another local hardcore band, Dismantle. Unlike Follow Through, Fear Tomorrow was much heavier and more metallic, somewhere inbetween Cro-Mags and Integrity. I'm not sure they even did a demo, but they got signed to Follow Through's old label East Coast Empire Records quickly who released their 'Born In Blood' record on 7" and CD in 1999. The CD, which I don't have unfortunately, has one extra track. Later that same year, Fear Tomorrow did a split MCD with the almighty Integrity, who were an obvious influence on Fear Tomorrow's sound, again on ECER. It could have gained the band a lot of attention, but in early 2000 the band folded due to line-up issues. Anyways, here's the 7", it's pretty damn good, so check it out.

Fear Tomorrow - Born In Blood 7"


Fred said...

I like this one, pretty good stab at the holy terror sound, it's nicely rough and rugged.

Do you have anything by the band Dead Wrong from Connecticut, who are supposed to play a very similar style of hardcore ??

Anonymous said...

Nice find,and on the request part,if you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put up Neglect - End It ep and something by the band Burning Bridges i'll owe you a root beer

MD said...

Singer Craig Mack is in the band Living Hell new album in 2014