Sunday, July 21, 2013

Recoil - Demo '91

Recoil was one of the early 90s hardline bands, after Sean Muttaqi & Vegan Reich started it all. Recoil was from Memphis, TN, and released only this demo that I'm aware of. Members were also in other bands from the local sXe scene at the time like Raid, Pure Blood and Monkey Wrench. The demo's got some solid hardcore that's somewhere between Judge and A Chorus Of Disapproval, but with not such strong vocals, and 2 rather boring instrumental tracks. I know nothing about this band really, there is a bit of information about this band on the XCatalystX Records forum but also not that much really. Henrik posted this demo a few years ago on his excellent, but now seemingly abandoned, Bring Honour Or Walk Away blog but without scans. I've ripped it from my copy tho and included full scans. Enjoy!

Recoil - Demo '91

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New blood: Kingpin (UK)

There's a ton of awesome bands coming out of the UK nowadays, and here's another one, Kingpin from Glasgow. With ex-members of Eviscerate AD, Rough Justice and a few more bands, this band hasn't been around for all that long, but fuck it... Their recently released demo, recorded after only 3 rehearsals with the current line-up, shows a lot of potential and promise! The 3 tracks display a love for 90s NYHC as well as more modern influences. I hope this band sticks around long enough to do some more recordings, would love to see where this band is heading... As much as I love 90s hardcore, I also love checking out new bands, and so should you!