Sunday, June 9, 2013

Running Like Thieves - Same Time Next Year... demo

Sometimes when you buy a lot of records, you'll come across nice surprises. I got this demo as part of a big bag of demo's a guy was getting rid of over here. There were mostly youth crew demo's from the early 00's in the bag, not the stuff I go nuts for, but I love demo-tapes, so it's all good anyways. One of the surprises was this Running Like Thieves demo.

Formed in the late 90's by Matt Warnke (Bold, Crippled Youth) and Andy Guida (Supertouch, Absolution, Altercation), Running Like Thieves definitely had all the necessary NYHC credentials, but they went into a more melodic direction instead, not wanting to rewrite their past bands' songs. After recording a demo in 2001, the band signed a deal with Livewire Records and released (and re-recorded?) the demo on CD in 2002, with an additional track, as well as a follow-up 7" in 2003. Anyways, here's the original demo, not the Livewire release. This is more melodic hardcore/rock-oriented than their previous bands, and I will say this is not for me really, but I'm sure some of you are interested in checking out this demo.

Matt Warnke and Andy Guida are currently writing music under the name The Mistaken. Andy Guida is also drumming for My Rifle, who released a pretty good 7" on Wardance Records a while ago.

Running Like Thieves - Same Time Next Year... demo


tito said...

Thank you so much for this one! I listened to "same time next year" as a promo mp3 from their record label back when the EP came out. Still one of my favorite HC songs ever. Sadly they disappeared again pretty soon. Time to hunt down a physical copy of this gem.

Rusty XVX said...

yo, could you re-up this?

XemonerdX said...