Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lube Job compilation 7"

Here's a cool and relatively obscure compilation 7". I got it because it's got S.F.A. on it, and I love S.F.A. New York City Hate-Core as they call it, and that's spot on. Great band, especially the first 2 albums. Their 2nd album 'So What?' was released on LP as well as on CD, but the CD version was a split with another band, Necracedia from Philly, with their album 'Now I See Clearly'. Necracedia is also on here, they're a solid punk/hardcore band with some good rough, snotty vocals. Doomwatch was more of a crossover band, mixing punk/hardcore with some thrash metal. Pretty good stuff. Submachine was a punk rock band with a pretty extensive discography. For me, they are the weakest band on this compilation, not into the vocals, the music is pretty solid tho.

This compilation 7" was the first release on Rust Records, in 1991. Rust Records was a label from Pittsburgh, PA, but they didn't stick around for too long. They did only a couple more releases after this compilation, including a Submachine 7". After Rust Records folded, CI Records, another label from Pennsylvania, ended up with the leftover copies of this compilation (as well as the other Rust Records releases), added their name to the cover, hand-numbered them and sold em. My copy is one of the original ones tho, not the 're-packaged' ones.

Lube Job compilation 7"

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