Sunday, June 23, 2013

Apathy - s/t MCD

Apathy was a hardcore band from the Baltimore, MD area who were around from the mid 90s till 2001 or so. In 1997 they recorded their self-titled MCD, which unfortunately wasn't released on Gain Ground Records until 1999. I don't know why it took them so long to release it tho, it's a pretty solid record. Great metallic hardcore, but the vocals were their most distinguishing feature. They were handled by both guitarists at the time, Rob Ingram and Adam Brown, and their combined range makes Apathy sound like Vision Of Disorder at times.

After this release, Rob would focus solely on vocals and they would add an additional guitarist to the band, Ben Swan. With that new line-up Apathy would release a full-length album on Gain Ground in 2000 called 'What The Dead See Through The Eyes Of The Living', and a 2-song promo CD right before their demise in 2001 (neither of which I have unfortunately).

Rob Ingram now does a one-man hardcore band called Stateside Firefight as well as an Iron Maiden tribute band called Powerslave. Ben Swan moved on to do vocals for Samadhi and Age Of Ruin. I have no idea what the rest of band did after Apathy.

Apathy - s/t MCD


Anonymous said...

Please, can you reup their stuff? ThanXXX

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Adam Brown said...

Adam was in a project called ONLY THE DEAD and now is doing a solo project called NITASHA