Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shudder - The Hand Of God demo

Recently Jim of the amazing Moo Cow Records was selling a ton of demo's on ebay. Demo's which bands had sent him to be considered for his label. I managed to acquire a bunch of those demo's, so I'll be putting some of them on here. This is the first one. Shudder was a heavy metalcore band from Madison, WI in the late 90s. This is a seriously good demo, if you enjoy late 90s bands that are more metal than hardcore like Sevenday Curse, Hyde, Dawn Of Orion, etc, you should give this band a chance. I've found pretty much zero information on them online, unless this is the same alternative/nu-metal Shudder who have now re-united? If anybody has any info on this band, please leave a comment, I would love to find out more about this band.

Shudder - The Hand Of God demo

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day Of Contempt demo

Day Of Contempt was an Australian metal/hardcore band which started out in 1997 in/around Adelaide. Here is a demo by them from 1998. Solid heavy metal/hardcore in the vein of bands like Earth Crisis and Another Victim, with similar vocals. The band had several sXe members, I don't think the band was a full-on sXe band though. After this demo they released the 'Where Shadows Lie' MCD on Voice Of Life Records & Trial And Error Records in 1999 and the 'See Through The Lies' full-length on Good Life Recordings in 2002. Both of these releases continued in the vein of the demo and are pretty good as well. In 2004 the band moved to Los Angeles to try to establish themselves there and become a full-time band. Their sound also changed considerably in a more commercial direction with added clean vocals and such, and they weren't nearly as heavy as before. They turned to shit basically. The end-result was the 'The Will To Live' MCD on Epitaph in 2005. It's pretty bad if you ask me. However this demo, and also their other releases, is great solid and raw hardcore/metal. Enjoy.

Day Of Contempt demo

Monday, January 16, 2012

Acid Snake

Acid Snake is a band from Brisbane, Australia which plays hardcore in the vein of bands such as Nails, Converge, Trap Them etc. They wear their influences on their sleeve, so if you like said bands, you will surely like this band as well. The vocals are raw and gritty, but expressive still. And the music rages while being diverse enough to keep my attention. I've heard a lot of bands do worse than Acid Snake in this style. In 2011 they released 2 EP's, 'Pariah' and 'The Sun Distortion Session'. Both of these are available from their Bandcamp page, tho I've also provided links to direct downloads which were given to me by the band. They're hoping to release an album sometime this year, hopefully that'll give them some more exposure. While OnexPath is definitely about 90s hardcore, and continues to be devoted to that era, I am also trying to keep up with current hardcore and there are exciting bands popping up every day. Acid Snake is one of them, so do support these guys if you like them.

Update: It appears that a few days after the band contacted me, the band folded unfortunately die to internal conflicts. Shame.

Acid Snake - The Sun Distortion Sessions EP
Acid Snake - Pariah EP
Acid Snake facebook

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I did a post on Denile's 'We Have Not Begun!' demo some time ago to which I also added their unreleased 'Where Heaven And Hell Meet' album. Recently Kris Steele who played bass for Denile emailed me and explained that the version I have up there of the 'Where Heaven And Hell Meet' album was a recording which they used as a promo, but that afterwards they did a re-recording of the entire album, which would also remain unreleased. He sent me the re-recorded version, which I have uploaded here. Awesome! So lotsa thanxxx to Kris for hooking me up. I've also ripped their 'Autumn: A Season Of Dying' CD for this post, which was released on Double Down Records in 1999. As with all Denile material, excellent stuff! I wish I could've had the chance to see them back in the day, but they unfortunately never made it out to Europe. I'll say it again, Denile was an awesome and underrated band who should've gotten way more attention than they did. So check them out if you haven't already. Besides the aforementioned post on Denile's demo, I also posted their split 7" with Dysphoria here, so also check that out if you like what you're hearing and haven't heard the split yet.

Update January 29th: Kris emailed me again to send me the cover for the 'Where Heaven And Hell Meet' album. I've included it with the download. If you have already downloaded the zip and just want the cover, just right-click the cover on the left and save. Once again, lotsa thanxxx to Kris for providing me with the album.

Denile - Autumn: A Season Of Dying CD
Denile - Where Heaven And Hell Meet unreleased album (re-recorded version) - updated download with cover image

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Minority - s/t 7"

A quick post. Here's a 7" I got a few years ago as part of a lot of fairly random 90's hardcore records. It's nothing special, but a good listen nonetheless, especially opening track 'Hesitation'. Minority, or Minority, was a fast hardcore/punk band with some melodic elements to their sound. They were from Copperas Cove, Texas and were around in the early 90s. I can't really tell you all that much about this band I'm afraid. This is their 2nd 7", released on Flaming Steve Productions in 1993. Their 1st 7", called 'There Is A War', was also released on Flaming Steve Productions, in 1992, but I don't have it unfortunately. But check the Texas Punk Treasure Chest if you like what you hear, they have their 'There Is A War' 7" and also a compilation 10" Minority were on. Enjoy.

Minority - s/t 7"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One 4 One / Overthrow - split 7"

For whatever reason, I've always had a weak spot for New Jersey's One 4 One. Can't say I know for sure what sets them apart for me, maybe it's the vocals, but there's something about this band that does it for me. They started out in 1994 and after a break in 2000 are playing again, and band-members have played or are playing in too many bands to mention. I would also have to agree with AJ PathToMisery's post that their 'Seven Year Cicada' album is their best record. But all their material is worthwhile, make no mistake about it. Here's the split 7" they did with Overthrow. This split 7" was released on Distance Records in 1996, the first (and last?) release for that label. The One 4 One tracks on here would later be re-recorded for their 'Trust Is Lost' MCD on Time Served Records, which was a label run by Kevone Bulldoze. Great tracks, both of them.

Overthrow was from Long Island, they were around from 1996 to 2001 and they played fairly straight forward NY hardcore/punk with some slight oi influences. Both their tracks would also appear on other releases of theirs, one on their 'Empowerment Cover Up' 7" on Race Productions from 1996 and one on their 'React' CD on Triple Crown Records from 1999. They would also do a few more splits. Overthrow was quite decent at what they did, but One 4 One is where it's at for me. Unfortunately my copy didn't come with an insert or anything, sorry about that. Either way tho, enjoy.

One 4 One / Overthrow - split 7"