Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Point compilation 2x7"

Here's another cool, but lesser known, hardcore compilation from the 90s, featuring 8 bands on 2 7"s. The bands on here are Strength 691, Backlash, Shatter, Kurbjaw, Garris, Greening, Phallacy and Caiaphas. Of these bands I didn't know Garris, Greening and Caiaphas before owning this comp, and in the case of Garris I have no desire to hear more of their stuff, their track does nothing for me. Caiaphas on the other hand, I'd love to hear about them and their music, so if anybody can give me more info on this band, please leave a comment! Their mid-tempo metallic hardcore track is simply awesome.

Anyways, this compilation was released on Strength 691's own Re-Action Records label back in 1994. Not all bands are equally strong, but it's a solid compilation nonetheless.The styles on here range from faster more melodic hardcore to slower more metallic hardcore, something for everybody. To me the best bands on here are Backlash, Strength 691 and Caiaphas. All in all a nice compilation. Enjoy!

The Point compilation 2x7"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tearwater 7"

Tearwater was a band made up of teenagers from Monte Sereno, California, who released only a demo and this 7" as far as I know, and I even believe the 2 songs from the 7" were either taken from the demo or re-recorded demo-songs. Either way, I quite like this 7", with it's emo-ish metallic hardcore sound. Nothing too special, but it's good and pretty solid overall. It was released on Chapter Records in 1995. Chapter Records didn't release a lot during its existence, about 8 releases that I'm aware of, but they did release some awesome records such as the Canon 7" and the XEverlastX 7". This 7" doesn't come close to either one of those, but that's no surprise, is it? There is a mention in the insert of this 7" being released on CD as well, which never happened as far as I know, same as with the elusive MCD version of the Canon 7". Apparently Tearwater did record a full-length album tho, which was never released for whatever reason. If somebody knows if this is true and/or has these recordings, please let me know. After Tearwater ended, some members went on to other bands such as Ex-Ignota and Jejune. Enjoy!

Tearwater 7"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dysphoria/Denile - split 7"

Here's somewhat of an oddity for Back Ta Basics Records, a 7" which has a printed cover on thick paper rather than the usual xeroxed covers on thin paper. The Dysphoria/Denile split 7" was released in 1997, and is still an awesome split which needs to be heard. Both bands were from PA and both sides of this 7" are great. Dysphoria's track, which was taken from their self-released 'Hope Without Reason' full-length (also from 1997), is simply awesome, it still gets me all pumped up to this day. Starting with a 'Repo Man' sample, it's got a killer bass-line and then the song is just all over the place, in the best of ways, with Gravity's hoarse vocals killing it. Love this track, and even tho it's my fave Dysphoria track, their other material is really good as well. Denile have 2 great tracks on here, except the sound is quite muffled which is a shame. They mixed chugga chugga hardcore with thrash metal influences and great aggressive vocals. It seems Denile was the more obscure and underrated band of the two, but don't let that stop you, they were an awesome band as well. There's still a Denile site around which has some info and mp3's for those who are interested. Expect some more Dysphoria and Denile posts in the future btw.

Dysphoria/Denile - split 7"

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Slip - Never Surrender 7"

I first got to know Slip from their contribution to the awesome Over The Edge 2 compilation on Endless Fight Records. Slip was from Alabama which wasn't exactly known as a hotbed for hardcore in the '90s, which I'm guessing is the main reason they went largely unnoticed, which is unfortunate. This is the only release of theirs I'm aware of, the 'Never Surrender' 7" which was released on Soulstorm Records in 1994. I think that was their own label even? It took me quite a few years, until a few months ago actually, to track down and get my hands on this 7", which was recorded prior to their song on Over The Edge 2. I'm stoked I did tho, as this is an awesome 7", with 2 songs and 1 instrumental track of solid but pretty typical 90s chugga chugga, it even has an overused Star Wars sample to kick off the 7". I'm a sucker for that stuff, so yeah, I love it... I'm afraid I know very little about this band. Vocalist Frank would eventually do vocals for a another band I blogged about a while ago called Caption. That's pretty much all I know, haha... So yeah, it would appear this band went into obscurity relatively quickly, which is a shame. Give this 7" a chance if you enjoy chugga chugga/90s mid-tempo metallic hardcore. And let's face it, if you visit my blog regularly, chances are you do.

Slip - Never Surrender 7"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Biohazard - Wrong Side Of The Stage CD (Dynamo Open Air 1993)

With the new Biohazard album 'Reborn In Defiance' being released in early 2012, I figured it was time to do a Biohazard post. While I can't say I cared much for Biohazard after 'State Of The World Address', which wasn't that good either in my book, their self-titled album and especially 'Urban Discipline' are classics in my book. 'Punishment', still so good. Here's a bootleg of the first appearance of Biohazard at the legendary Dynamo Open Air festival, on May 29 1993. I remember getting crushed in the massive pit during their set (I'm still a small & skinny guy), but it was well worth it. One hell of a show. It was their third European tour at that point (missed em on their tour with Mucky Pup, and saw em supporting Kreator about half a year before this show), and 'Urban Discipline' was blowing up big-time so people were pumped to see em at DOA, and it showed. They would play 3 more times at DOA over the years. I'm pretty sure I also got this bootleg at one of the DOA's. It was released by Dead Dog Records, a label specializing in releasing bootlegs from all genres of music. They're so professional, there's even a barcode on the tray-card, haha... BTW, if opening track 'In Your Face' sounds familiar, it's cuz it's really 'Victory'. I also have another Biohazard bootleg from the same era if anybody's interested, just leave a comment. Anyways, enjoy!

Here's a vid from Biohazard at DOA '93:

Biohazard - Wrong Side Of The Stage CD

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Locrian - The Clearing

A while ago I did a post on the Losing Face compilation, and asked about a band on there called Husk. Recently one of its members, André Foisy (also ex-Break Of Dawn), contacted me with some info and such. He also sent me a couple of the self-titled Husk 7"s (post coming up soon) and introduced me to his current musical project, experimental drone/noise/black metal band Locrian. Locrian has been cranking out numerous releases since its inception in 2005. They're about to release a new album called 'The Clearing' on Fan Death Records, which will be released on November 1st. I will be the first to admit this is not the kind of material I usually play, even though I do enjoy somewhat similar bands like Isis, House Of Low Culture and especially Amenra. Locrian is more experimental and has more electronic and noise influences than any of these bands. However Locrian is able to create well-crafted atmospheric soundscapes that are dark and emotive.

If you're interested, here's the press sheet in pdf form, and here's a free preview of one of the tracks of the new album, Chalk Point:

Also, here's a Popul Voh ('70s Krautrock) cover they did, showing an influence one might not expect, but is there nonetheless.

If you're not familiar yet with Locrian, and you enjoy what you're hearing, definitely look into this band more. There will also be a split release with Mammifer at end of the this year or early 2012.