Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Here's another band I discovered thru Alain R.P.P.'s awesome distro, Standing8Count. They were from Long Island and played hardcore with a definite groove. Standing8Count mixed tough & heavy hardcore with groove and spoken/shouted and sometimes almost hiphop-esque vocals. Ripped here are the 2 demo's done by Standing8Count, their 1997 demo and their 1998 demo. A friend from back in the day and myself used to go nuts over S8C (what's up Thijs?!), especially their 1998 demo, even though seemingly we were in the minority over here. Oh well, I even have an ugly as hell blue S8C t-shirt with a white print that Alain was selling at a show one time. It's tucked away in a box somewhere, heh. Anyways, S8C's 1997 demo is good and shows plenty of potential, but is also not without flaws, the second track 'Self Inflicted' doesn't really do it for me and the vocals don't flow all that well with the music.

However their 1998 demo is where it's at. The music is heavier, the vocals are way stronger, and overall it's just an awesome & solid demo. A track like 'Everything Changes' is pure genius, and still makes me wonder why this band never got more recognition, they definitely deserved it in my opinion. Another underrated band in my opinion.

Apart from a few compilations I'm not sure S8C ever did a proper release besides these demo's? There is mention of a split 7" with a band called Perception (never heard of this band) in a flyer that came with the 1998 demo, but I've never seen it. The same flyer also mentions S8C shirts, only available in size XL, haha... Anyways, after some line-up changes Standing8Count either called it a day and members started a new band called Become One or they simply changed their name to Become One. Become One did at least one demo that I know of, no idea what else they did tho. If anybody has the Become One demo, share it please, I'm dying to hear it! For some reason I'm thinking Rick Ta Life/Back Ta Basics also had plans to do a release for either S8C or Become One? Anyways, Standing8Count was awesome, definitely check it out if you haven't already.

*** Update October 25 2011: I managed to score a different Standing8Count demo from 1998 at a show recently. Unfortunately the demo had been taped over with other stuff at some point such as Clubber Lang and Neglect, so all that I am left with is the cover and the insert... Fucked up! But at least I know now there's at least 1 more demo! I will do my best to hunt this one down... ***

Standing8Count 1997 demo
Standing8Count 1998 demo
Standing8Count myspace

Monday, July 18, 2011

Innerface - Season In Hell CD

Innerface from Rochester, NY formed in 1995 and blended death metal and metalcore with sick vocals, a bit like Starkweather on the 'The Divine Art...' 7" minus the soft vocals. After they did a demo called 'Flash Of Humanity' they would release a full-length called 'Season In Hell' on Impression Records out of Germany in 1997. Impression Records would eventually become Lifeforce Records btw. Anyways, the album is pretty solid and Jody's vocals are truly sick, and it is his voice which makes Innerface stand out from other bands that played a similar style. The band would also appear on a couple of compilations such as East Coast Assault II and Mother Earth. I don't think they did any other release of their own. Enjoy!

Innerface - Season In Hell CD
Innerface myspace