Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eclipse Of Eden - demo MCD

Here's the demo MCD of Eclipse Of Eden. Eclipse Of Eden was a Des Moines, Iowa screamo/hardcore band in the late '90s. I don't know much about this band, I can't even remember where I picked up this MCD, probably at a random distro somewhere... Either way, their bio is pretty extensive, so check that out if yer interested. This MCD, their demo, was released on Skinsuit Communications in 1999. It's decent and enjoyable screamo/hardcore, although nothing too memorable. After this demo they released the 'My Reflex Is Revenge' album on Happy Couples Never Last, which I don't have. After the band folded members moved on to bands such as Dispensing Of False Halos and The Examination Of... I'm not familiar with the latter, but Dispensing Of False Halos was pretty sweet. Anyways, enjoy this demo MCD.

Eclipse Of Eden - demo MCD

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thuglifebaldwin said...

eclipse of eden were decent for what they were. i saw em in 2001 in indiana with usurp synapse and a couple other bands. i also used to have "my reflex is revenge" but lost it a long time ago.....from what i remember it wasnt all that memorable. examination of the.... were a hell of a band for a time...saw em with the wolves (ex orchid/last fortyseconds) suicide note, since by man, ruehaeda and the now back in 2003 or so. lady in the radiator is their best work IMO and i think im gonna post that record soon.