Sunday, October 17, 2010

At Any Cost (Rhode Island)

At one point, I bought Back Ta Basics 7"s pretty much without thinking about it. Most of the ones I had I was into, so I figured any new ones would be the same. So I scooped up Rhode Island's At Any Cost 'Power Of Mind' 7" from 1996 thinking just that... It turned out to be fairly decent NYHC with a heavy mid-tempo metallic edge. At the time I didn't get into it too much for whatever reason tho, and as a consequence, I probably gave it a listen maybe half a dozen times, if that. Listening to it now, it's much better than I remembered it to be, even if it's nothing too exceptional, it's still well done. Anyway, I kinda forgot about the band for a long time, thinking they'd called it quits some time after the 7"...

Fast forward to a few years ago. At the Independent Outlet in Amsterdam, a skate-store/record-shop, I saw an At Any Cost 'Seen Through Shattered Eyes' CD for next to nothing. Remembering the 7", I checked the booklet and it was indeed the same band so I figured what the hell, and I got it... and absolutely loved the CD. Awesome vocals, powerful songs with cool riffs and drum-parts and enough twists and turns that make it stand out for me. Anyways, recorded in 1998, the CD was released on Lost Disciple Records in 1999. I still play the CD from time to time and it still rules hard. Definitely more than just a step up from the 7".

Unfortunately I was never able to find any sort of info em them, so if anybody can shed some light on this band and/or other releases and such, please leave a comment!

At Any Cost - Power Of The Mind 7"
At Any Cost - Seen Through Shattered Eyes CD

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tomorrows Gone 7"

Tomorrows Gone was a melodic hardcore band from Las Vegas, NV with a slight raw emotional edge. I normally am not really into this style, but this band does it right. Pretty good stuff. Even though they were around for 4 years they went slightly under the radar and didn't do a lot of records. Apart from a couple of demo's and several contributions to compilations, they did only one release of their own, this self-titled 7", which was released on Element Records in 1997. It includes a Dag Nasty cover, 'One To Two', which doesn't sound out of place here, so that should give you an idea of this bands' general sound. Empathy comes to mind as well, also cuz of the vocals. The band would break up in 1997 after which some members started a new band called Faded Grey and do several releases under that name, including a 7" on Element Records in 1999.

I ripped the 7", even though I also have their discography CD, 'No Way to Make Time Stand Still 1993-1997', which was released on World On Fire Records in 2001. This discography CD is also out-of-print as far as I know but can still be bought from Faded Grey and CD Baby, so get it if you enjoy this 7", it's well worth it. Oh, and on both the 7" and the CD the band name is consistently spelled without an apostrophe, so I went along with it.
This song I sing is not for sale. These words I scream to you are real. No one can ever buy our lives. This music will survive.

Tomorrows Gone 7"