Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hermon Dekalb - 'To Repossess The Heart' MCD

Plenty of stuff has been written about Syracuse and its hardcore scene & bands, both old and new. One band that doesn't get mentioned as often as it should in my opinion, is Hermon Dekalb. Hermon Dekalb were around in the late '90s and unfortunately didn't release a whole lot. Apart from demo('s) and some compilations (such as the Syracuse Hardcore comp and the Hex comp 7"), I don't know of any proper HD release besides their 'To Repossess The Heart' MCD which was released on Temperance Records in 1999, which I ripped and uploaded here. They had a sound of their own, combining quieter parts with powerful metallic hardcore into an awesome blend (3rd track 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation' is the perfect example). I wish this band had done more, but at least they did this MCD. Enjoy.

Keith In Hell, of Hellfest fame, played bass in this band btw. Members went on to bands such as Found Dead Hanging, The Funeral, Prisoner, Darker Day Tomorrow and The August Prophecy.

Hermon Dekalb - 'To Repossess The Heart' MCD
Hermon Dekalb myspace


Fred said...

90's hardcore style, reminds me of 108 sometimes, which is a good thing.

Thanks man !

Josh straightedge said...

I always liked this cd quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Memling - The Last judgement
artwork cover hehe, good choice


Doug said...

hey man. i was looking for the old hatchetface stuff and came across this. i was in hermon dekalb, so thanks for the kind words. if anyone's interested, i have the last 2 songs we did for a couple comps. just email me and i can get it over to you. thanks again.


Chris said...

I saw them in the spring of 1999 at Bizmo's in East Stroudsburg, PA. They burned incense during their set which, to me, enhanced their music because it added a unique dimension to the 20 or so minutes that they played. I was upset that they had no demos or CDs or anything because I wanted to hear more of them. I told the singer how I thought that they sounded really cool. He was a nice guy. Also on the bill were Pink Daffodils, and Ivan and the Reds from the Philadelphia area, Blindside (USA), and Terra Firma from western PA and Empty Set from the Lehigh Valley area of PA.

Anonymous said...

Please reup

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