Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cold Front 1995 demo

There has been a long tradition of groove-oriented hardcore in and around NYC. Just think of bands such as Leeway (post-'Born To Expire'), Enrage, Breakdown, Crown Of Thornz, Fahrenheit 451, and so on. A band that definitely deserves to be in this list is Cold Front. I feel Cold Front is mostly known for being one of the bands Mike Dijan (Crown Of Thornz, Breakdown, Skarhead) was in. However, he wasn't part of the band until the late '90s, and as you can hear on their 1995 demo, that didn't mean they sucked. On the contrary, this is a really good & solid demo. Excellent stuff.

Unfortunately my copy of the demo didn't come with a lyric sheet, nor does it mention a line-up. But the Cold Front myspace mentions the line-up on this demo as: 'M.S. - Vocals, Nick B. - Guitar, Harry - Bass and Harry Minas - Drums'. All 3 songs would be re-recorded for the 1996 self-titled CD (Mike Dijan, while not playing on this album, did produce it). For more info on this band, check their myspace. In the meantime, enjoy!

BTW, my apologies for the bad sound-quality. The levels on the demo-tape are off the scale and I'm not exactly a sound-engineer.

Cold Front 1995 demo
Cold Front myspace


Fred said...

Yo dude, awesome post as usual, thanks a lot !

I love the Astoria/Queen style of hardcore (COT, Leeway, Cold Front, 5 Minute Major ...) so I'll probably be rocking this all evening !

Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

can anyone up the cd & 2000 demo?

BenB said...

does anyone have the self titled album? Can;t find it anywhere

Anonymous said...

they were cool,but what about some 5 minutes major? shit was dope!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Can you upload s/t album?!

El Inquisidor said...

could someone pass me the demo?, the link has expired., Thanks!

XemonerdX said...

Re-upped! Enjoy!