Monday, November 23, 2009

Only Living Witness 1990 demo

Some time after I posted Only Living Witness' self-titled 7" from 1991 here, I managed to get my hands on their original 1990 demo. Basically, 3 of the 4 songs on this demo ended up on the 7" after being remixed. Here is a rip of the demo, finally. If you want more of my thoughts on this amazing and underrated band, check out my aforementioned blogpost on their self-titled 7". Also note that this demo is not included on the 2xCD discography on Century Media (which is now available in their webstore for less than $5!).

Only Living Witness 1990 demo
Only Living Witness myspace (which now has this demo on its player actually)

Jihad 1993 demo

Jihad from Kalamazoo, MI was an abrasive and raw hardcore band with lyrics that are deeply intense, angry and bitter, and a voice to match. Bands like Rorschach, Union Of Uranus and Groundwork all come to mind. They were around from 1993 to 1997 and released a bunch of material. Most of it was eventually compiled on the 'Old Testament' CD, apart from the 'New Testament' 7", some compilation tracks and their 1993 demo, which I've ripped and uploaded here.

Their bass-player, Joel Wick, also ran Makoto Recordings, responsible for releasing some Thoughts Of Ionesco albums among others, which makes the label awesome in my book as TOI were amazing (altho when the label folded a bunch of people with outstanding orders were screwed over apparently). He was also in bands such as Quixote and currently plays in Mesa. Either way, Jihad rocked it and this is where it all started so to say. This is one seriously awesome demo in my opinion. So check it out and enjoy!

Jihad 1993 demo

Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Path joins xStuck In The Pastx

Yesterday Chip from xStuck In The Pastx invited me as a contributor to his blog/zine, the main '90s hardcore blog/zine out there... A real honor, and one I gladly accepted. So expect features done by me on there from now on, with a focus on '90s European hardcore. One Path has not ended tho, I will continue to do my own blog and post random records that are worthy of some attention.

Thanxxx to Chip, Justin, Jav and Jake for bringing me on board.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall From Grace demo and split 7" with Polyglot

Fall From Grace was a short-lived metallic hardcore band from PA MA. I don't know too much about 'em and unfortunately there's not a lot of info on 'em to be found online either. I got their 1996 split 7" with Polyglot (from Maine) years ago because of the label, Pin Drop Records, which released a number of records I was, and still am, into (Grimlock, Holdstrong, Die My Will). Polyglot didn't really do it for me, but Fall From Grace sure did. Their metallic hardcore with the crazy, screamed vocals and 'poetic' lyrics did it for me. I was really into it. So much so that I wrote them a letter, and received their 1997 demo, which is pretty damn good as well.After the split 7" and 1997 demo they changed their name to August Autumn Grows Cold, but I've never seen a demo or release with that name. I am also unaware what bands the members did after FFG/AGC. If anybody has any info or something on Fall From Grace and/or August Autumn Grows Cold, please get in touch!

I've uploaded both the split 7" and the 1997 demo, hopefully they will bring a bit more attention to a band that, in my opinion, didn't get the recognition they deserved.

BTW, this post has been briefly and prematurely published while I was still drafting it, it ended under the March 2009 posts (yes, I have a few dozen drafts for possible future posts). I'm sorry if you happened to stumble upon it and couldn't download anything. It was supposed to remain a draft!

Fall From Grace / Polyglot split 7"
Fall From Grace 1997 demo
Fall From Grace myspace