Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slavearc demo

Militant vegan sXe deathmetal from the UK. Got this demo at the time from some distro and loved it. Unfortunately I never got a chance to see the band at a show, even though they did play one of the Geleen fests if I remember correctly (annual hardcore fest in the south of the Netherlands which is no more). Either way, they were damn good. They released 2 CD's afterwards called 'Vanquish' and 'Structural Damage In The Blueprint Of Humanity', the latter of which features a re-recording of 'Web Of Darkness' from the demo. Both CD's are great as well and come highly recommended. Here's the demo though, enjoy!

From their myspace:
Slavearc were formed by ex-members of Withdrawn in mid-1997, inspired by animal and earth liberation ideals, and pushing a militant vegan and drug-free ideology. Controversial within the UK Hardcore scene for their polarizing stance, they split up in 1999.

Members moved on to such bands as Koreisch, Kevorkian Solution, Stockton Foster, Unborn, Cracked Cop Skulls, Touchdown, xCanaanx, and Kurohata.
Slavearc demo
Slavearc myspace

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