Friday, June 5, 2009

The Season - Hardcore Is Real demo

Cashdog was (and still is) a vegan sXe scenestar from New Zealand. I first got to know him through IRC in the mid '90s. He told me about his band at the time, Season Of Evil, and I obtained a copy of the Season Of Evil demo and after that the The Season demo, which was essentially the same band. Over-the-top chugga chugga vegan sXe hardcore, just the way I liked (and still like) it! We eventually hung out when he did a trip around Europe in '97 and he ended up doing a spoken words intro for a demo of my old band.

Henrik over at Bring Honour Or Walk Away recently posted the awesome Season Of Evil demo, so check it out! In the meantime, here's the Season demo from 1996. Continuing where the 1st demo ended, it's unrelenting and uncompromising.

Here's a bio of the band written up by Cashdog:

The history of The Auckland/Hamilton band The Season started in Auckland in late 1994. The band then was called 'Armed with Anger'. They wrote a few songs and played only one house show with Shinkasta in 1995 where they played 2 originals (which ended up being reworked and recorded on the Season of Evil - Purifire demo) and 2 covers. One by Sick of it All and one by Bloodline.
After an almost complete line up change (bar the singer) in late '95 including members from Hamilton bands of the day, the name was changed to 'Season of Evil'. Season of Evil recorded the 'Purifire' demo in January '96 and played one show with that line up.
Another large line up change (bar the singer and guitarist) led to shortening the name of the band to 'The Season'. Although still largely referred to as Season of Evil, The Season got to work on the' Hardcore is Real' demo. With a new line up and demo The Season started playing a lot of shows through the end of '96. One song from this demo was remastered and ended up on the international compilation 'Mother Earth' on Impression Records.
1997 brought a new drummer and a recording of a bunch more songs. These songs combined with a re-edited and remastered 'Hardcore is Real' demo ended up on The Season's discography "A Cursed Journey" that came out mid '97. A lot of shows were played right through '97 and The Season finished up with their last show in Jan '98 (which was an amazing show).
After The Season was done, Cashdog went on to Coming Of The New Messiah, who did a split CD with Brother's Keeper, and a full-length on Surprise Attack Records. After that he fronted Evil Priest who released several albums and were also featured on the "Harder They Fall: Tribute to Integrity" compilation on Escapist Records. From there he moved on to The Wrongmen, and is currently in Black Tuesday. Still keeping it real, gotta love it.

The Season - Hardcore Is Real demo


Anonymous said...

hello,can you please repost this?
im a huge season of evil fan but i never had the luck to hear this!!

XemonerdX said...

Re-upped, enjoy!