Monday, April 27, 2009

New Day Rising live LP

New Day Rising was one of the best emocore bands of the '90s. This band from Ontario, Canada played an explosive kind of emo. They were more metallic than the average emo-band in the '90s, but kept the soft parts mixed with the emotional and musical frenzy and outbursts, and going from soft vocals to gutwrenching screams. The first time I heard them was when I got the Atlas Shrugged/New Day Rising split 7", which I got because I was (and am) really into Atlas Shrugged. I got into the NDR track right from the start. I eventually picked up their other releases, all of which are awesome.

Anyways, after a number of splits and such, the band got picked up by Eulogy Recordings, who released a full-length CD, 'Memoirs Of Cynicism', and a discography CD, 'We Cannot Know How Much Blood It Costs' (which does not contain the track from the split 7" with Atlas Shrugged). Both are available from the Eulogy webstore for a couple of bucks b.t.w. and come highly recommended. However, this live LP isn't on the discography CD. And since there are only 500 copies, I figured I'd put it online. Released on the almighty Moo Cow Records in the late '90s, it's pretty barren in terms of layout and all, see here for the reason why, it doesn't even have a setlist. Each copy comes with a black cardboard sleeve with a photo tacked on and 2 tiny stickers, that's it. It's damn good though and I wish I could've seen NDR live when they were around, which you can see a video of here. Based on the rambles inbetween songs, this was recorded sometime in 1996 (but released in 1998 I believe), but that's about all I know of where and when, heh, and I couldn't find any other info on it besides the Moo Cow Records page linked earlier. No matter what tho, New Day Rising were awesome and so is this live-recording. Check it out and don't be scared of the word 'emo'.

New Day Rising live LP


Alex said...

dude thanks!!! ive been looking for mp3s of this forever now! i dont have the lp, so i woudlnt have ever heard it if it wasnt for you!

Uberbadger said...

Thanks for this. I've been looking for NDR stuff forever. I saw them live in Cleveland in '97 - great show.